Chapter 255: Regifting

Chapter 255: Regifting
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"President Su#" Zhao Qingya was one of the hottest female celebrities in the industry. After taking part in three harem-fighting TV shows, she quickly became one of the four most bankable young actresses in Mainland China. She had a pure, sweet look, and was apparently only 24 years old, the same age as Huo Mian.

It only took her three years to go from newbie to stardom; her fame had everything to do with Imperial Star Entertainment.

Rumor had it that she disregarded her own life to stop Su Yu's car, which gave her a chance towards fame.

If it weren't for Su Yu's stellar driving skills, and if he didn't step on his brakes fast enough, Zhao Qingya would have died at the scene.

Not a lot of people were capable of doing what she did. It was her courage that sparked Su Yu's interest.

As one of Su Yu's many girlfriends, Zhao Qingya was one of the more favored ones. She was obedient and knew her place, so Su Yu kept her by his side for the past three years. She became immensely successful in the entertainment world, and no one else had the guts to do anything to her.

Those who didn't know all thought that this girl had a hefty background; perhaps she was a second-generation heiress.

Those who did know were all aware that she was no more than Su Yu's play toy, one that could be abandoned at any time.

Su Yu turned around but didn't say anything#

She immediately put down her Chanel bag and strutted over to him. Then, she held his arm and helped him onto the bed.

"I just came back from filming out of town. I heard that you'll be discharged soon, that's good news." Zhao Qingya's voice was sweet and childlike.

"Yeah." Seemingly disinterested, Su Yu only responded with one word.

"When I was filming in Nanling, I saw this really cool lighter, so I bought you one. It's really unique and is modeled after an antique."

Zhao Qingya reached into her bag and took out the lighter, which she presented to Su Yu like it was a rare treasure.

Su Yu took it in his hand and lit it up twice. His face showed no emotions at all.

"The premiere of my new movie is next month, can you come?" Zhao Qingya looked at Su Yu coquettishly.

"We'll see."

Zhao Qingya nodded# Su Yu looked like he was in a bad mood, so she didn't dare say anything else.

"Didn't you say that you liked that pink Lamborghini? The one outside is yours to take."

"Huh?" Zhao Qingya didn't think that Su Yu would say something like this, so she was dumbfounded.

When she was walking in, she did see a diamond-plated pink Lamborghini by the entrance. At the time she wondered who the lucky woman was.

So it was Su Yu's car#

"It's for me?" Zhao Qingya asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, you can have it."

"Thank you, President Su." Zhao Qingya quickly pecked Su Yu on the cheek.

Su Yu immediately wiped her scented lip gloss off his face with a tissue.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Su, I'm just too happy# thank you for the generous present."

"You can drive it away later." Su Yu's tone was grim, he didn't seem to be in much of a mood.

"Thank you, President Su." Zhao Qingya thanked him again, obviously getting emotional.

She could almost see the media taking photos of her in that car. She was bound to make headlines.

By then, all of the women in the entertainment circle would all be crazy jealous of her, all because she was fortunate enough to work under Su Yu.

It was true that Su Yu had a bad temper. Most of the time, she felt like she was tending to the emperor; she had to be extremely careful not to make a mistake.

However, compared to what she got in return, it all seemed worth it#

The wealth and fame that Su Yu gave her was something that most women could never even dream of in their lifetime.

Seeing the unconcealable happiness on Zhao Qingya's face, Su Yu was surer than ever 每 women all loved luxurious things.

But why was Huo Mian an exception?

Why couldn't she be obedient like Zhao Qingya?

Zhao Qingya spent three hours in Su Yu's room. When she left, she purposely touched up her makeup.

When she passed by the on-call station, she glanced at Huo Mian and asked, "Are you Huo Mian?"

"I am."

"I heard that you were the nurse who has been taking care of Young Master Su during his time at the hospital." Zhao Qingya heard from others that during Su Yu's hospital stay, he treated a nurse called 'Huo Mian' differently from the rest. She could understand 每 a person like Su Yu would only fool around with a nurse for fun. He wasn't going to get serious about her.

"Yes." Huo Mian nodded.

"As his girlfriend, I would like to thank you for taking care of my boyfriend. I bought this wallet a few days ago and barely used it. Consider it as my gift to you." Before Huo Mian could respond, Zhao Qingya threw a Prada wallet in front of her, as if she was being nice to a beggar.

"One second, Miss Zhao," Huo Mian called her from behind.

"Do you want an autograph or a photo together?" Zhao Qingya turned around, asking arrogantly.