Chapter 253: Lambo

Chapter 253: Lambo
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Right at that moment, her phone suddenly began to ring#

Huo Mian picked it up at once when she saw who was calling. Zhu Lingling always called at the perfect moment.

"Hey, Lingling."

"Have you eaten?"

"I'm having dinner right now."

"I should've called you earlier, I wanted to have dinner together."

"Did something good happen?" Huo Mian smiled.

"Of course, I got a new car."

"You got a new car? Already? Did you get a raise?"

"Yeah right, just that salary of mine, even if I got a raise it's not going to make a difference. That second-generation heir bought me a car, it's a black Mercedes-Benz GLK. Cool, right?"

"Yeah, what about your Mazda?"

"I gave it to my dad. He had been driving that Hyundai for years, it's time for a change."

"That's good."

They then proceeded with some more small-talk. After Huo Mian hung up, she asked, "What were we just talking about?"

"Nothing." Qin Chu quietly cleaned up the plates and cutlery and headed back to his study.

Huo Mian felt incredibly guilty since she was always purposely avoiding that topic.

She didn't know how to answer and was afraid that her answer would upset Qin Chu. Therefore, she decided to play dumb.

But, how much longer could she pretend? Will Qin Chu lose patience in her one day?

When Huo Mian arrived at work the next day, she saw a group of people gathered around the entrance.

Curious, she walked over to find out what was going on#

People dispersed automatically at the sight of Huo Mian; then, she saw a bright pink Lamborghini parked in front of her.

It was brand new; she could tell that it was straight out of the factory#

"Woah, whose high-profile car is it?"

Huo Mian knew that this pink Lamborghini was a limited world edition and not mass-manufactured.

She also knew that Hilton Hotel's heiress, Paris Hilton, owned one. At the time, the U.S media reported it non-stop, and all the girls in the world were crazy jealous.

However, this was not just any other pink Lamborghini 每 the car was covered in crystals.

The car itself shone and twinkled, hurting everyone's eyes#

"Is it pretty?"

"It is." Huo Mian nodded. Then, she realized that it was Su Yu talking to her.

No wonder he wasn't sleeping in; did he wake up this early just to show off his wealth?

Just as she was wondering, Su Yu said, "It's for you."

Then, he took out the key to the car and shoved it into Huo Mian's hand#

"Um# what's going on?" Huo Mian was a little dumbfounded.

"You should throw away that Volkswagen. Look at the other cars parked here, yours is the cheapest. So, this is my present to you. Do you like it?"

"Why are you giving this to me?" Huo Mian stared at Su Yu.

Su Yu was a little shy that everyone was watching them. "Because throughout my time here, your injection technique is the best. Of course, I wasn't going to let you do all that work for nothing in return."

"I don't want it," Huo Mian said as she shoved the car keys back into Su Yu's hand.

"Why not?"

"I can't take what I didn't earn. Taking care of you is within the scope of my responsibilities. You can't give me something this expensive, it's not like it's just a box of cookies or a pound of meat." Then, Huo Mian turned around to go into the hospital.

The nurses around them began hating her guts#

They all thought that Huo Mian was an idiot.

Su Yu, rejected in public, was embarrassed. "What are you all looking at? Go on with your lives."

Then, he kicked the Lamborghini as hard as he could, causing everyone to look at the car with pain in their eyes#

It seemed like one could literally do anything when they were crazy rich.

He had to buy this car from his friend. Not only did he pay 15 million yuan for it, but he also had to give up the two bottles of Laffite that he had stored for years#

But that woman rejected him# Seriously?!

After Huo Mian arrived at the on-call station and changed into her uniform, she saw one of the nurses, Nannan, run over. Nannan said mysteriously, "Huo Mian, why didn't you accept it? Do you know how much that car costs? It's not just any other Lamborghini, it's an LP670〞4 SV, limited world edition. It was designed by a Japanese prodigy designer and paved with Swarovski diamonds. Its original asking price was 22 million yuan."

"What does that have to do with me?" Huo Mian asked nonchalantly.

"Young Master Su gifted it to you, why didn't you accept it, Huo Mian?" Nannan bemoaned.