Chapter 251: Present

Chapter 251: Present
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The sweet scent of her fingers gave Su Yu an urge to grab her hand and kiss it.

However, knowing Huo Mian's feisty personality, she would probably chop his hand off.

Therefore, after struggling for a bit, he decided to let that thought go#

"Your fever broke, you're a pretty healthy guy."

"Of course I am! I was in the special forces for a couple of years. You're underestimating me, aren't you?"

Huo Mian didn't respond; after tidying up, she stood up to leave.

"Hey, hey, are you leaving already?"

"Your temperature went down, so all you need now is sleep."

"But I'm# I'm a little hungry," Su Yu said as he covered his tummy with his hands.

Huo Main looked at him hopelessly. Then, she walked over to the ensuite kitchen and saw that all that was left was seafood.

"Fever is a result of a chill in the body. No more seafood for the next few days, not even seafood congee. You need to eat non-oily and non-salty food."

"So, after all that talk, are you going to make me something to eat?" Su Yu looked at Huo Mian with puppy-eyes.

Huo Mian sighed, I guess I'll be a good person until the very end#

It was late at night, and she would have to wake up the chefs. Plus, the food the chefs made might be oily.

Huo Mian opened the fridge and took out some ingredients. Then, she cut up some scallions and ginger and began making Su Yu congee.

Forty minutes later, a hot bowl of fever-fighting congee was ready#

"Here, drink this, it's good for you."

"Does this enhance performance?"

"No, it will make you impotent," Huo Mian answered with a straight face.

Su Yu couldn't help but laugh; joking around with Huo Mian at this hour was one of life's pleasures.

"You're rude, not gentle, and ugly. Guys won't fall for you."

"Thanks, but you don't have to worry about me. You, on the other hand, should keep it easy. If you have too much s*x, you'll soon lose your drive."

"Tsk tsk, stop cursing me."

"Shut up and drink your congee." Huo Mian was fresh out of patience.

Prince prissy-pants spiked a fever during her shift; if she failed to make him feel better, the hospital would probably be in chaos by morning.

Mrs. Su will probably yell at the head nurse until she cries.

Truth be told, the congee didn't taste good, because it reeked of ginger. Still, Su Yu, who was starving, drank the entire bowl.

It was already 2 in the morning by the time she finished dealing with him#

Exhausted, Huo Mian took off her glasses and put them in the pocket of her uniform.

"I'll be at the on-call desk, press the button if you need me."

"Huo Mian." Su Yu stopped her as she was about to head out the door.

She turned around#

"Nothing." He wanted to say 'thank you', but for some reason, the words were stuck in his throat.

Huo Mian was already used to him doing stuff like that, so she turned on her heel and left.

After Huo Mian left, Su Yu felt wide awake, so he called his four bodyguards in for an emergency meeting.

"Tell me# what's a good present to give a woman?"


"An expensive watch."

"An LV bag."

"Just give her money."

His four bodyguards gave him four answers#

Su Yu looked at them unhappily. "If it were that simple, why would I be asking the four of you? Idiots."

Su Yu was constantly surrounded by women, so, in terms of wooing them, wouldn't he know better than them?

"Young Master, are you thinking of buying something for your mother?"

"Speak less. It'll be good for you." Su Yu looked at the tallest guy, thinking that he was a prime example of 'long limbs, small brain'.

"Young Master, what about 999 red roses?" another bodyguard suggested.

"Am I a florist?" Su Yu asked, unsatisfied with that suggestion as well.

Their ideas failed to satisfy him, so, in the end, Su Yu kicked them all out.

He laid on his bed and thought, Huo Mian isn't interested in money. I have to give her something special.

She put a lot of effort into taking care of me tonight, so I should buy her a present as a thank you.

Su Yu convinced himself#.

The next morning, Huo Mian came to check up on him before her shift ended. She sighed in relief when she saw that he was doing much better.

Before she left, Su Yu suddenly asked, "Do you have any wishes?"