Chapter 248: Paying Respect

Chapter 248: Paying Respect
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Qin Chu drove, and the two of them arrived at the hospital in 5 minutes.

With no time to spare, she immediately changed into a surgical gown and entered the operating room.

The chief surgeon was elated to see Huo Mian. He said, "Huo Mian, you are finally here."

"Give it to me." Huo Mian took over the scalpel and listened to the doctor as he explained the patient's situation while she looked over her chart.

Wu Xiaoxue's situation was even more difficult than that pregnant woman Huo Mian had saved.

That woman was close to giving birth, so she could receive a C-section right away, whereas Wu Xiaoxue's baby was less than four months old.

If they were to induce labor, they would not be able to save the fetus. If they didn't, the surgery would become problematic because they had to use all sorts of medications during the process.

"What should we do? Director Wu called and said to save the mother if we can only save one of them."

"The baby is four months old, his hands and feet have already formed. If we induce labor, it will be really harmful to the patient as well, and she may never be able to get pregnant again."

"Yes, we know that, but the key problem is that it is difficult to save either of them right now. Dr. Wu's head is severely injured and she broke three of her left ribs. It is a very difficult operation."

Time was very tight, and after looking over her stats, Huo Mian said, "Chief Wang, please fix her ribs first, and I will try to stabilize her head injuries for now. We need to keep her vitals steady to see if we can save her baby. After her condition stabilizes, we can then decide if she needs brain surgery. It seems like it's just a concussion, and it shouldn't be a big problem unless there's an intracranial hemorrhage."

"Is that# okay?" This kind of arrangement was unprecedented so the doctors did not know what to do either.

"I'm just giving my suggestions. You are the attending physicians, you should make the final call," Huo Mian said.

In the end, the doctors nodded and decided to give Huo Mian's suggestion a try#

Huo Mian wanted to try her best to save Wu Xiaoxue and her baby at the same time.

It was hard to imagine that the woman who Wu Xiaoxue tried to cause trouble for at every opportunity would try so hard to save her at a crucial moment like this.

The surgery lasted 4 and a half hours, and during this entire time, Qin Chu waited in his car outside the hospital.

When Huo Mian walked out of the operating room completely exhausted, the entire corridor was filled with people. Director Wu and Wu Xiaoxue's parents were at the very front.

"Huo Mian, how was the surgery?"

"They should be fine now, but we still need to follow-up and monitor her situation. The head injuries shouldn't be a big problem, and other than the three broken ribs, everything else is fine. Most importantly, the baby is safe. Over the next three months, she should stay in bed to protect the baby because we used a lot of medication today."

"Thank you, Huo Mian," Director Wu said gratefully.

"No, I did what I'm supposed to do."

"No, you definitely didn't need to. Xiaoxue made things difficult for you in the past but you still helped her, I genuinely applaud you for what you did."

"In front of life and death, there is no such thing as friend or foe. I respect each life's right to survive." Huo Mian used Qin Chu's words.

Director Wu and Wu Xiaoxue's parents bowed down and thanked the actions of Huo Mian and all the doctors involved in the operation.

Ning Zhiyuan stood at the end of the corridor; when he looked at Huo Mian, he suddenly found her to be dazzling#

It seemed like he was never good enough for Huo Mian's forward thinking and medical ethics.

"You've worked hard, I'll send someone to take you home," Director Wu suggested.

"It's okay, my family brought me to the hospital," Huo Mian smiled as she declined Director Wu's kind offer.

After washing her hands and changing her clothes, a tired Huo Mian walked down the stairs and out the door. Then, she opened the door to the car and sat in the passenger seat.

"How are things?"

"All good."

"You've worked hard, Super-Doctor Huo," Qin Chu said affectionately as he pinched Huo Mian's chin.

"It wasn't me who worked hard. Super-Doctor Huo's husband was the hard worker. Let's go home, I'm exhausted." After speaking, Huo Mian fell into a deep sleep on the passenger seat.

Everyone knew that one had to be highly focused during a surgery. The four-hour surgery was more exhausting than playing badminton for an entire day.

Qin Chu slowly drove out of the hospital; he turned down the music inside the car, fearing that it would wake up Huo Mian.

Many people once questioned why an outstanding man like Qin Chu would fall in love with an ordinary woman like Huo Mian.

Truth be told, he wanted to say that Huo Mian was not ordinary at all#

The dazzling light that she could instantly exude was incomparable. In his heart, she was a unique existence.

- The next day -

After Huo Mian arrived at work, she went on rounds. As soon as Su Yu saw Huo Mian, his first words were, "I heard that you completed a great deed yesterday and saved a woman who bullied you?"

"You are quite caught up in the news."

"Everyone at South Side is already talking about this. You are a nurse; you should take care of your patients instead of running to the operation room. Did you mistake yourself for Bethune's reincarnation and think that you were born to save the world?" Su Yu said with a laugh.