Chapter 247: Car Accident

Chapter 247: Car Accident
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That evening, Huo Mian and Qin Chu were cuddling on the sofa watching the news.

Suddenly, a piece caught her attention.

"Just now, a serious car collision happened at the intersection of Sky Sea Road and Seventeenth Street, where a BMW collided with an Emgrand. The two cars were both seriously damaged. The owner of the Emgrand has fled the scene and the female owner of the BMW has been sent to the First Hospital's emergency room. The traffic department is currently investigating into this matter. Please remember to fasten your seatbelts and obey traffic rules when traveling."

Then, the camera showed the video of the two cars involved in the accident.

Huo Mian pointed at the TV in surprise, "That looks like Wu Xiaoxue's car."

"Who is Wu Xiaoxue?" Qin Chu began to have selective amnesia once again.

"It's that female doctor that hated me, Ning Zhiyuan's new wife."

"Oh." Qin Chu did not give much of a reaction.

But Huo Mian had a good memory, and she frequently saw Wu Xiaoxue's car back when she worked at the First Hospital.

The license plate number was also quite eye-catching, so Huo Mian recognized it immediately.

But tonight was her wedding night, how could she be involved in such a serious accident?

Just as she was pondering, she saw a WeChat message from Huang Yue.

"Mian, good news, Wu Xiaoxue was in a car accident and was admitted into the hospital."

"It's really her?"

"You've heard?"

"I just saw it on TV," Huo Mian replied.

"Yeah, I don't know why she would rather come out than stay at home on her big day. She crashed into another car. Apparently, the other car owner fled the scene, so it's hard to trace him. Wu Xiaoxue is in the ICU, I wonder if her baby can survive this..."

Huo Mian was quite sad when she heard what she said...

No matter how much Huo Mian disliked her, Wu Xiaoxue was still a pregnant mother. It would be a tragedy if she were to lose her baby.

Just as she was messaging Huang Yue, she suddenly received a call from Ning Zhiyuan…

Huo Mian hesitated for a moment before answering the call.

"Huo Mian, please save Xiaoxue."

"Isn't she undergoing surgery right now?" Huo Mian asked.

"But the attending said that the surgery is really complicated. Xiaoxue lost a lot of blood, and her conditions are similar to the pregnant patient you saved last time. The doctors are not sure if they can save her, and Chief Wang hopes that you can go and assist with the surgery."

"I'm sorry, I'm just a nurse, there's nothing I can do." Huo Mian immediately turned down Ning Zhiyuan's request.

She would be a fool if she didn't learn her lesson from last time.

"I know what you are worried about, I won't hold you responsible for the fact that you are not a doctor."

"I don't believe you and I won't help you, so please stop asking me."

"Are you going to stand aside and watch Wu Xiaoxue die?" Ning Zhiyuan howled.

"But I'm not a doctor," Huo Mian replied calmly.

"Mian…?" Ning Zhiyuan seemed to want to say something but Huo Mian had already hung up.

"What's the matter?" Qin Chu asked casually.

"Wu Xiaoxue is being rescued, but it's a more difficult case since she is pregnant. The attending at the First Hospital wants me to go and assist with the surgery, and Ning Zhiyuan called to ask me to save Wu Xiaoxue."

"What's your reaction?"

"I refused. I am not a doctor, I am not responsible for others' lives, but…" Mian hesitated for a moment.

"But if you don't help her and something happens to Wu Xiaoxue, you'll feel guilty."

"How do you know this? You know me too well, you're like a locust in my stomach," Huo Mian exclaimed.

"Nah, not a locust, I'll just be your husband."

Huo Mian sighed as she placed her head on Qin Chu's leg, "Wu Xiaoxue is so unlucky to be involved in a car accident on her wedding night. I don't know if she can take it if something happens to her baby."

"If you want to save her, go for it."

"Won't you think that I'm stupid for saving my enemy?" Huo Mian asked as she looked at Qin Chu curiously.

"In front of life and death, there are no such things as friend or foe. If you don't even have compassion, then you don't deserve to be a doctor."

"But I'm not a doctor, I never was," Huo Mian said with a bitter smile.

"In my heart, you already are…" For Qin Chu, Huo Mian was the doctor who saved his entire life; she was his angel in a white coat.

"So should I head over now?"

"I'll drive you over." After speaking, Qin Chu got up to head downstairs.

Looking at Qin Chu's figure, Huo Mian's eyes became watery… how could he be so perfect?