Chapter 246: Argument

Chapter 246: Argument
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Wu Xiaoxue's expression darkened when she opened the red pocket and saw the two pitiful 100 yuan bills inside it. She pointed at Ning Zhiyuan and exclaimed, "See? What did I say? You shouldn't have told her about our wedding, she only gave us 200 yuan, which is not even enough for me to eat breakfast. How can she do this? Each table at the wedding cost us 15,800 yuan, she came to eat and only gave us 200 yuan. Is she not embarrassed?"

"She did not stay to eat. She just left after giving me the money," Ning Zhiyuan refuted.

"You're very observant, there are so many people there today but you still remember if she ate. Ning Zhiyuan, what's up with you? Do you still have feelings for her?"

"Xiaoxue, you're thinking too much again. If I haven't forgotten her, would I still have married you?"

"That's hard to say, maybe you have other motives. After all, my family bought our house and car, and your future career also depends on my Uncle. How else could a third-rate university graduate like you become a full-time employee so soon?"

Wu Xiaoxue's words were filled with disdain towards Ning Zhiyuan. All men are prideful, so Ning Zhiyuan was quite angry to be spoken to like this by Wu Xiaoxue.

"If that was my intention, I would have gone back to Huo Mian. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Huo Family, and isn't her family better than yours?"

"Ha, Ning Zhiyuan, you are finally speaking the truth. Are you regretting our marriage? Then let's get a divorce, I don't want to marry you either. I'll get an abortion. I don't want to live my life with someone like you, and I know that you can only think about Huo Mian. I hate that woman, and I don't want to ever hear her name again."

After speaking, Wu Xiaoxue threw the 200 yuan at Ning Zhiyuan's face before leaving the room.

Ning Zhiyuan sat dispiritedly on the bed, and he was not in the mood to chase after her.

Wu Xiaoxue was a classic example of a girl with 'Princess Syndrome'. Whenever she was upset, she would complain nonstop.

She did not treat Ning Zhiyuan's parents well either. Wu Xiaoxue's parents and uncle went up to the wedding stage today, but Ning Zhiyuan's parents were not invited up. Clearly, they all looked down upon his family.

His colleagues were envious of him on the surface and said that he found a good wife.

But they called him a live-in son-in-law behind his back.

Ning Zhiyuan was so sick of the Wu Family's wealth and influence, and Wu Xiaoxue's 'Princess Syndrome',

Thinking back, other than being less caring towards him, Huo Mian was a thousand times better than Wu Xiaoxue.

After Wu Xiaoxue slammed the door and left, she sped to the nearest nightclub.

Then, she called a few of her best friends over and started drinking, despite the fact that she was pregnant.

In a corner, a woman in a sexy short skirt looked at Wu Xiaoxue meaningfully.

"Isn't that the bride? Why is she drinking here instead of enjoying her wedding night? How interesting."

"Manman, what are you looking at?" A guy asked as he pervertedly placed his hand around He Man's waist.

"I saw my enemy, so I'm quite upset."

"Who? I'll help you teach her a lesson," the guy said loyally.

Wu Xiaoxue was at the nightclub for over an hour; during this time, she checked her phone multiple times, but Ning Zhiyuan did not call her.

In the end, she left the nightclub angrily, prepared to go home and ask him if they were still going to stay married.

However, to her surprise, a black car crashed right into her car at an intersection.

Wu Xiaoxue screamed as her head crashed towards the steering wheel, and she immediately fell unconscious.