Chapter 2405 : The Domineering Valentines Day (6)

2405 The Domineering Valentines Day (6)

"President Su, I'm not sure..." An said with an innocuous look as he was also single himself.

Su Yu cleared his throat and took out his phone to look at his calendar. Just as they said, it was February 14th, Valentine's Day.

Now he understood why the twins called him early in the morning - they were afraid he was going to be lonely on Valentine's Day.

Su Yu was quite happy about how considerate the twins were with him. He smiled as he walked into the conference room with his documents in his hand.

The meeting went on for two hours.

"President Su..." someone said gently from behind.

Su Yu turned around and saw Nie Lingxuan. It had been a while since they saw each other.

She replaced Jian Tong and was now the number one star of Imperial Star Entertainment.

She had more commercials and dramas jobs this year than the sum of her previous five years.

In Xixi's words, her sis was going to be super famous. All she needed was one show that would popularize her name. "What's the matter?"

"Um... I'm really sorry about delaying so many jobs because of my accident..." Nie Lingxuan apologized in a soft voice. "Oh. Don't worry. Your health is more important."

"President Su, this is for you..." Nie Lingxuan took out a delicate box of chocolate from her purse and summoned up her courage to gift it to Su Yu.

"What is this?" Su Yu's brows slightly furrowed. He did not reach out for the box since he normally did not accept gifts from others, especially when he didn't know what the thought behind the other party was.

"Please don't take this the wrong way. It isn't anything expensive. I made it myself. It's a box of chocolates I baked. I think it tastes quite good and there's no artificial flavouring in it so it's quite healthy. I heard someone say that you like chocolate so I made some. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I hope you can accept this gift."

You are being too polite. You're my employee, so I'm just doing my job..." Su Yu said in a politically correct tone.

"President Su, please accept this..." Nie Lingxuan was actually a really shy girl so she was very nervous. She held the box with both hands straight as she tried to give it to Su Yu.

Su Yu felt quite awkward by the scene...

Everyone in the office looked at him with a strange glare.

Finally, Su Yu accepted it because he didn't know what else to do. "Thank you for your present," he said.

Then, he turned around and went into his office.

He simply put the box of chocolate on his desk, as if he didn't even want to open it.

Su Yu slightly bit his lips and unlocked his phone.

His wallpaper was that female doctor in her white robe. She wore a colored frame glasses. For the last four years, his feelings remained unaltered.

"Doctor Huo, happy Valentine's Day..."

For the last four years when Qin Chu was not by Huo Mian's side, Su Yu would put in a lot of effort in a Valentine's gift, hoping to make Huo Mian happy.

However, she never accepted even one of his Valentine's gifts. To Su Yu though, he was content by just being able to be by her side.

This year, however...

"President Su, are you not going to get President Huo a present this year?" An asked.

"Go send that big box of fresh hairy crabs that client gave to us yesterday to Mian when you have time."

Su Yu knew she loved seafood. Other than re-gifting the seafood he received to her, what else could he do?

Meanwhile, Qin Ning and Tang Chuan were on their flight back to the States.

Qin Ning had thought they were going to waste Valentine's Day on a long boring flight but to her surprise, Tang Chuan was gone when she woke up from her nap.

"Huh? Where did that guy go? Did he go to the washroom?" Qin Ning was a bit confused.

Just then, she heard that familiar voice from the flight's announcement.

"My dear travel companions, I'm sorry that I'm going to take up some of your valuable time. Today is Valentine's Day so I wanted to sing a song for my beloved girlfriend..."

Tang Chuan's English pronunciation was flawless. It was the first time Qin Ning heard Tang Chuan speak in such an attractive voice so her heartbeat intensified.

"Ning-Ning, are you up yet? Are you listening?" he asked.