Chapter 2404 : The Domineering Valentines Day (5)

2404 The Domineering Valentines Day (5)

Yeah of course! That's why when I grow up and earn money, I'll pay it back to Daddy..." Little Bean was very quickwitted and rebutted.

Huo Mian suddenly realized something and said, "Today is Valentine's Day...?"

"Mommy, you're so slow to react..." The twins stared at Huo Mian with slight dismay.

"From the looks of it, you didn't get Daddy a Valentine's Day present..." Little Bean guessed.

"Uh... I really forgot about it. I didn't even know today was Valentine's Day. Time sure flies by..." Huo Mian said with slight embarrassment.

"Daddy, looks like you don't need to get Mommy a present. You guys are equal now..." Little Bean laughed.

Pudding then said, "No, I know my daddy. He never forgets. He probably already has a surprise for Mommy."

"Ah-hem... You two hurry up and finish your food. You still have to go up and change." Qin Chu rushed them as he didn't want them to continue.

"Okay, okay... Hey Sis, did we have something planned today?" Little Bean asked Pudding enthusiastically.

"Yeah. I want to go visit Handsome Su..." Pudding said. Then, she took her glass of milk with her upstairs.

"Wouldn't it be inconvenient for him? We shouldn't bother Handsome Su on Valentine's Day. He's single and that's already sad. Daddy has Mommy, Uncle Wei has Auntie Xiaowei, Uncle Gao has Auntie Lingling, Auntie has Uncle Tang, Uncle Ni Yang has Auntie Jie, and even Uncle Zhixin, the slowest guy, is going to have Auntie Bella... Look at Handsome Su... It's so sad that he's still single..." Little Bean analyzed. Now, Pudding pitied Su Yu even more.

"That's why I need to go be with him on Valentine's Day so he's not all alone..."

"What about Wei Yunchu?"

"Oh my god... How old are we? Why do we even need to celebrate Valentine's Day? You want to give Boyuan a hoverboard because you feel bad for eating so many of his snacks... Do you think I'm stupid?" Pudding exposed Little Bean's thoughts.

"Haha, Sis, you really do know me the best. How about we both go visit Handsome Su?"

"Yeah. I'll call him so he comes and picks us up."

Then, Pudding called Su Yu.

Su Yu had just arrived at the headquarters of the Imperial Star Corporation. He was in his office tidying up documents in preparation for his morning meeting.


"Handsome Su, do you have time today?"

"What's up?"

"We want to play with you#"

"Today huh? Let me see... I have a few meetings today. Let me see what time it is when I'm done working. If it's early, I'H go and pick you two up. If it's late, then we'll pass today..." Su Yu said. He did not recall that today was Valentine's Day.

"Okay. Let's keep in touch then."

After the call, Su Yu walked past the administrative office with his documents in his hand.

He suddenly heard some of his female colleagues gossiping in a low voice.

"Hey, did you guys know that you actually can't buy roses today? But it's Valentine's Day... It's so strange."

"Huh? No way? How?" another girl said in a surprised tone.

"Yeah. I don't know what's going on. My boyfriend went to the flower shop to buy flowers this morning but he said that there's no roses. He only got me tulips and a teddy bear..." the girl said with a bouquet of tulips and a teddy bear in her hands.

"That's so strange. What happened? Are roses banned or did something else happen?"

The few female employees continued to gossip in a low voice. They didn't realize Su Yu had just walked past them.

"Huh? Today's Valentine's Day?" Su Yu turned around to ask An after he realized what day it was from the overheard conversation.