Chapter 2402 : The Domineering Valentines Day (3)

2402 The Domineering Valentines Day (3)

When they drove back, Uncle Li had already prepared breakfast for the two of them.

The couple was eating breakfast without worry when Qin Chu suddenly remembered what Gao Ran told him last night. He looked at Huo Mian and said, "Ian already left."

"Huh? Already?" Huo Mian was rather a bit surprised, and her hand holding the buttered toast shook lightly.

"Why? From your tone, it sounds like you didn't want him to leave..." Qin Chu teased.

"Pff... I didn't mean it like that, I just think that he's not vacationing here... Maybe he came here for business, because he killed so many people... But why would he leave so easily? He's not afraid of the cops, right?" Huo Mian pondered.

"Of course not, why would he be scared of the police..."

"What made him leave though? That's weird..." Huo Mian wondered.

Qin Chu didn't dare tell Huo Mian that it was Lu Yan that did something, because if he did, she would be really worried for Lu Yan.

So, he gave a half-assed reply, "Ian's a busy man, terrorists like him want to cause chaos everywhere... So, maybe something else piqued his interest and made him want to leave."

"That's great, we don't have to worry anymore... It's tragic that so many people died innocently, and Ian was not brought to justice. I don't like that... Mo Xue'er had bad luck, I didn't think that she would die by Ian's hands..."

"People like Ian will receive karma eventually..." Qin Chu comforted Huo Mian.

"Uh, can I go back to work?" remembering that the threat was gone, Huo Mian immediately excitedly asked.

"Mhm, you can go back tomorrow," Qin Chu ate his fried egg and answered with his head down.

"Why can't I go today?" Huo Mian's eyes opened wide.

You have to go somewhere with me today, we have a lot of stuff to do..."

"Where?" Huo Mian's interest was piqued.

Qin Chu didn't get the chance to answer, as he heard footsteps behind him.

It turned out Qin Chu's parents and the twins were awake.

"Look at Daddy and Mommy, they always eat breakfast by themselves without calling us down." Little Bean approached them* still sleepy with her braids sticking up in a funny manner.

"It's because you guys slept in... We have to go to work, so we have to eat breakfast earlier..." Looking at Little Bean, Huo Mian smiled.

"Daddy, huggy..." Little Bean waddled over to Qin Chu and spread open her chubby arms.

Qin Chu held his daughter up in his arms.

Little Bean planted a giant kiss on Qin Chu's cheek.

"Morning, Daddy. I love you."

"Eh? How unusual... What's going on? Did you do something wrong? Is that why you are sucking up to your dad?" Seeing how coy her daughter was acting made Huo Mian feel abnormal.

You got your drool all over my face, Little Bean." Qin Chu smiled and looked at his daughter.

"Daddy, she's kissing your butt again. Careful, it's a trap," Pudding obediently sat by Huo Mian and reminded her father with a smile.

"Daddy, don't listen to her, I slept really well last night, I'm in a good mood and that's why I'm like this..." Little Bean explained.

Qin Chu gave her an understanding look...

"Daddy, I want that... I want that sausage..." Little Bean pointed.

Qin Chu immediately grabbed the sausage with a fork and put it beside his daughter's mouth.

"Careful, it's hot..." he gently reminded her.