Chapter 2401 : The Domineering Valentines Day (2)

2401 The Domineering Valentines Day (2)

Young Master, Old Master wants you to drop by the family estate to take care of some business," the subordinate whispered into Qiao Fei's ear.

"Mhm." Qiao Fei nodded and was just about to leave.

"Qiao Fei," Lu Yan yelled unwillingly.

Qiao Fei stopped in his steps but didn't turn around. His silver hair was shining even brighter under the light of the sun. Who could imagine that such a stunning cold boy was the young master of Russia's biggest mafia?

He was a boy who began killing at the age of seven...

He had an extremely similar childhood to Lu Yan, and that was why they understood and treasured each other.

When he first saw Lu Yan, he felt that she was his missing rib.

Once somebody found something they cared about, something they were dedicated to doing, or someone they were dedicated to loving, their life would become much easier.

To Qiao Fei, Lu Yan was why he was alive. She was the only thing he found beautiful in this world, and sadly, she didn't know how important she was to him.

Seeing Qiao Fei leaving her in confinement made Lu Yan anxious, so she tried to convince him.

She put away her careless face and seriously said, "Qiao Fei, you can't keep me here, I'll bring trouble to you... Ian will never stop hunting me down, and he won't let me go this time. I pissed him off for real with this incident, and I pissed off the Indonesian government too. They put a billion-dollar bounty on me, I know that every contract killer will come for my head. I'm an omen, and keeping me here will drag you down as well. So, please, let me go. Really."

She sincerely begged, she tried to get the point across to Qiao Fei that she was being very serious.

Qiao Fei was silent after hearing that...

He turned around to look at Lu Yan, and his gaze became softer.

"If I was scared by that, I would've never taken you in. Yan, remember that if one day the whole world betrays you, I will rebel with you against the whole world."

After saying that, Qiao Fei turned around and left...

Lu Yan was dumbfounded...

"Was that guy confessing to me?" Lu Yan was stunned.

"Young Madam, our Young Master is really dedicated to you... I've never seen him treat any woman this way, other than his late mother... It's just you... You have to treasure this opportunity..." Even the butler that stayed behind to take care of Lu Yan felt bad for Qiao Fei.

Lu Yan let out a long sigh...

She knew that Qiao Fei was keeping her here out of the goodness in his heart.

However, if she stayed, there would be trouble brought upon the Qiao Family. Russia wouldn't be a place to stay.

Ian never came for her in Russia, because he was afraid of the Qiao Family's power and didn't want to offend them.

But this time, she created such a big mess and Ian must've been furious.

If he went crazy, he wouldn't care if there was or this wasn't a Qiao Family.

As the pride of the mercenary world, being a coward and hermit wasn't exactly Lu Yan's style.

With a fiery temper like hers, she would rather die in battle than hide behind others.

-At five o'clock in the morning -

Huo Mian and Qin Chu drove Tang Chuan and Qin Ning to the airport.