Chapter 2400 : The Domineering Valentines Day (1)

2400 The Domineering Valentines Day (1)

"As long as she stays in Russia, no one can do anything to her... Don't worry, I'll take care of her."


After the phone call with Qin Chu, his subordinate reported, "Young Master, Miss Yan is awake and wants you there." Qiao Fei nodded and walked into the bedroom.

The effects of the anesthetics were still present, so Lu Yan couldn't sit up on the bed or muster any strength.

Once Qiao Fei walked in, she began yelling, "You freak, do you want to die? How dare you drug me?"

"Do you want to drink some water?" Qiao Fei ignored Lu Yan's questions and asked.

"I'm going to drink your ass if you don't let me go... Otherwise, I'm going to blow up your base with explosives, do you doubt that?"

Everyone who knew Lu Yan knew that she brought up explosives if even a single thing didn't go her way.

She never lied either, she would blow up whoever she wanted, just like Ian's base, which he had built in Indonesia with a lot of effort.

Lu Yan flattened it with her Phantom One within just a few minutes.

Although the backlash was bigger than she expected, she never cared about the consequences.

Different from Huo Mian, Lu Yan was more impulsive and did whatever she wanted to do.

Huo Mian was calmer and would analyze the pros and cons of a situation before making a decision.

"Yan, you can't leave..." Qiao Fei looked at her and seriously said.

"If I don't leave, am I going to be a hermit here forever?" Lu Yan rudely rebutted.

"What's so wrong with that? I can afford to..." Qiao Fei slowly replied.

"I... I don't know what to say." You psycho, are you grounding me?"

"If you interpret it that way, sure."

"My dad won't like you if you treat me like this, I'm telling you..."

"I've already spoken to the professor. I told him that you're safe, and he wants me to tell you to stay here..."

"Damn, you can really do anything... Do you have a bottom line? I'm telling you, once my subordinates find out I am imprisoned here, they'll come for me and we'll wreck your place..." Lu Yan threatened.

"I won't even give them the chance to enter Russia..."

"You..." Lu Yan rolled her eyes from anger. She was the queen of mercenaries and the infamous Second Young Madam. She was caught off guard by the freak's anesthetics and imprisoned out of nowhere.

When her threats fell on deaf ears, Lu Yan decided to change up the strategy...

She sweetly smiled at Qiao Fei. "Big Brother Fei, you can't treat me like this... Can't we resolve our issues civilly? You're so rude for imprisoning me like this..."

"Ahem..." Qiao Fei's subordinates felt their eyes falling out when they saw how Lu Yan was behaving.

Why do such kind words sound so terrifying when they came from Lu Yan's mouth?

However, Qiao Fei kept his cool and wasn't allured by the sugar bomb.

"What do you want for lunch? Steak? Or Chinese cuisine? I know you love shrimp dumplings. I'll ask my dad's personal chef to cook for you, okay?"

Lu Yan tried very hard to suppress her anger...

She put on a beautiful smile, "Okay, I promise that I'll eat without causing trouble. After lunch, you'll let me go, okay?" "No," Qiao Fei's rejection was absolute.

"Damn you, I really want to shoot you through your head..." Lu Yan couldn't keep up the act anymore. If it wasn't for the anesthetics, she would jump up and beat Qiao Fei to a pulp. She hated his indifferent attitude so much...