Chapter 240: Spy

Chapter 240: Spy
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The chauffeur, Song, heard Mrs. Qin and immediately went after the Maybach.

Qin Chu carelessly looked in the rear-view mirror and noticed that something was wrong.

They originally planned to head home, but he immediately took a sharp turn towards another direction.

"Hey, that's not the way home," Huo Mian immediately reminded him.

"We're not going home. Let's go for a ride, since we hardly get the chance to."

Huo Mian was speechless…

Was it a good idea to drive around on a cold night? However, she believed in Qin Chu's decisions in doing things.

Huo Mian asked no more, but she suddenly realized something as she watched Qin Chu take odd turns around small and big streets.

She looked in the rear-view mirror. "So we've been followed."

"That's my mom's car," Qin Chu said.

"Oh." Qin Chu's mother treated Huo Mian like a mortal enemy, and it was the same the other way around.

Huo Mian didn't even want to hear another word about her...

After ten or so minutes of turning around in circles, they finally lost the black Bentley. After Qin Chu drove around Rainbow Square one last time, they returned to Imperial Park.

"Song, what is happening?" Mrs. Qin felt anxious, because she wanted to see the woman her son was spending time with, but they had lost the car.

"Sorry, Mrs. Qin. Young Master drove too fast. Plus, he took small roads and one-way streets. We lost him."

"Fine, then let's head back now."

- Back at the Qin family Manor -

Mrs. Qin immediately took out her phone and called a number.

Jiang Lingyue had a facial mask on, and when she saw the caller ID, she immediately picked up and answered politely, "Mrs. Qin."

"Were you just in Chu's car?" asked Mrs. Qin.

"No, I wasn't," Jiang Lingyue replied honestly.

"Oh, I just saw a woman in Chu's passenger seat, and I thought it was you," Mrs. Qin knew that Jiang Lingyue had very long hair, but the woman in the car only had her hair up to her shoulders, so they were completely different people. She only asked this to see whether Jiang Lingyue would lie, but luckily she was quite honest.

"Oh, it might be the client that came from Taipei today. She's the manager of a collaboration project, and President Qin was busy the entire day, so Assistant Yang might have set the meeting at night."

Jiang Lingyue reacted fast and immediately made up a person…

Even though she also wanted to know who the woman inside Qin Chu's car was.

"Oh, so that's who it was? I think I must have been overthinking things, how are things with you with Chu lately?"

"President Qin treats me very well, but the company is really busy so we don't have much private time together."

"Busy is good, but you should still think about yourself. As a girl, you should also be a bit more assertive. Chu isn't that aloof and you're so pretty, he'll fall for you sooner or later," advised Mrs. Qin.

"I know, thanks for being so kind, Mrs. Qin."

After the call ended, Jiang Lingyue thought for a moment, and then she dialed Qin Chu's number.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian had just arrived home; when he saw the caller ID, he noticed that it was an unknown number.


"Hi, President Qin, I'm Jiang Lingyue."

"What is it?" CEO Qin spoke formally as he took off his jacket.

"Mrs. Qin just called me to say that she saw a woman in your car, and I told her that it was a client from Taipei."

"Okay." Before Jiang Lingyue could finish, Qin Chu hung up.

Jiang Lingyue bit her lips; she was unhappy that she had been rejected, again and again…

Just as Qin Chu prepared to sit down and watch the financial news, he heard a scream from upstairs.


Qin Chu immediately ran up the stairs when he heard Huo Mian's scream...