Chapter 2399 : Lu Yan*s Angryㄛthe Consequence*s Severe (10)

2399 Lu Yan*s Angryㄛthe Consequence*s Severe (10)

"Psycho Fei, thank you for letting me stay here... But I have to leave now... If I am lucky enough to survive, I will thank you in the future... Right, I already ordered my men to ship the firearms that I intercepted in Mexico to you... The captain is a trustworthy friend of mine, you can take the cargo without worry. If you sell them at market price, the firearms are worth a few billion... Just treat it as me paying my rent, and thanks for letting me stay here... Goodbye."

After speaking, Lu Yan pulled down her black cap and disappeared into the crowd.

"Lu Yan, are you really heartless..." Qiao Fei looked at the girl's silhouette with a heartache.

Young Master, what should we do now?" Seeing Qiao Fei's face go green with anger made his subordinate anxious. "Stop her, no matter what it takes."

Qiao Fei knew exactly what Lu Yan would face if she leaves Russia.

He would never let her take that risk. He didn't care if she wanted or not, she must stay in Russia at this sensitive moment.

After Qiao Fei gave the order, his subordinates rushed to Lu Yan.

"What do you want?" Lu Yan said, alerted.

"Please excuse us, Young Madam..." The men went up and grabbed her.

Lu Yan was just about to board the plane, and having men dragging her back made her furious...

They began fighting at the airport, and the security immediately rushed to them.

Seeing Qiao Fei there made them immediately stop in their tracks.

"My people are taking care of it, don't intervene and back off," Qiao Fei coldly commanded.

The security and the police all backed off a few dozen meters...

Lu Yan saw that she couldn't catch the plane if she kept on fighting, so she took out her gun.

"I don't want to shoot, don't force me and let me go..."

Before Lu Yan finished her words, she felt a tingle on her neck...

It turned out that one of Qiao Fei's men was an expert in anesthetics, and he put her down.

Lu Yan let her guard down because they were her allies, and she didn't want to take their lives. She fell...

Qiao Fei dashed over and grabbed her before she hit the ground.

"Let's go home," he said.

After settling down Lu Yan, Qiao Fei had a brief conversation with Lu Yan's father, Professor Lu.

He called Qin Chu after and told him the trouble Lu Yan caused. He also informed Qin Chu that Ian wouldn't visit C City in the near future.

To be honest, Qin Chu was a bit shocked.

He didn't know how powerful Phantom One was, but it must've been destructive if it could make Ian leave C City in a blink of an eye. Lu Yan used that method to protect her sister and nieces.

She also put herself in immense danger, and if Huo Mian found out, she would be devastated.

"If Mian knew what Lu Yan did, she would die from guilt," Qin Chu slowly said.

"Then don't tell Sister Mian... With Lu Yan's temper, nothing is certain. The only thing I am sure of is that she will do anything to protect her sister and the kids..."

"Thank Lu Yan for me," Qin Chu was so grateful for everything Lu Yan had done.

"Brother-in-Law, we're family. No need to thank her."

"What are you going to do next? Lu Yan must be in a very dangerous position?" Hearing that the Indonesian government had put a ten billion bounty on Lu Yan's life made Qin Chu quite worried.