Chapter 2397 : Lu Yan*s Angryㄛthe Consequence*s Severe (8)

2397 Lu Yan*s Angryㄛthe Consequence*s Severe (8)

"What would you do if I was gone? I have to wait for you at home..." Zhu Lingling's insomnia was due to her being a family member of a public servant. She was more anxious than an average person, as she was constantly worried about her husband's safety and didn't know who to talk to. Underneath her boisterous exterior, Zhu Lingling was actually a very sensitive person.

She was wholeheartedly dedicated to Gao Ran...

You idiot... I'm the bureau director, nothing will happen to me... I just drink tea in the office and read cases. All I do is analyze the situation, direct the forces, and discuss plans. What danger will come to me?" Gao Ran casually glossed over the issue and explained with a smile.

"Don't pretend anymore, I've known you for so many years. I've known you for as long as Mian knows Qin Chu... Do you think I don't know you as a person? You're not a coward who is afraid of death like you claim to be. If you're serious, there's no one in the world who can compare to you. Don't think that I don't know, I overheard the officers talking about you being in the field for missions when I was delivering your lunch. If you happened to encounter that freaky serial killer and a gunfight breaks out..." When Zhu Lingling said that, her voice was breaking. Only God knew how afraid she was.

Seeing his normally tough wife as frail as a child made Gao Ran's heart soften.

He walked over to her and gently held her in his arms...

"Lingling, don't worry. I'm back in one piece," Gao Ran comforted.

"Bullcrap, how can I not worry? You're my husband, if anything happens to you, I am going to be a widow..."

"No way, you're still young and beautiful. You have a chance to find a second husband..." Gao Ran teased.

To his surprise, Zhu Lingling threw her fists at him...

"Stop lying, I'll die with you..."

"Ah, Honey, you're breaking my bones..."

"Shut up..." Zhu Lingling wiped her tears and smiled.

"Look, you haven't slept for days, nor have you changed. You're disgusting, go and take a shower." Zhu Lingling pushed Gao Ran towards the bathroom.

"Are you hinting at something by being so impatient for my shower?" Gao Ran chuckled.

"What? Don*t overthink it.. You just stink, okay?" Zhu Lingling*s face blushed.

"I'm not thinking too much, I just think that Boyuan might be lonely... Since the country made it legal for us to have a second child now, shouldn't we? We can afford to. So, let's have another one?"

"No way... You're making it seem so easy. If you want one more, why don't you pop one out?" Zhu Lingling rolled her eyes.

"Sadly, I am not equipped with such an ability. Otherwise, I really wouldn't bother you with something so minor..." Gao Ran rebutted.

"Quit it..."

"I'm being serious, Qin Chu and Huo Mian are even preparing for a third one, we can't fall behind... Maybe we'll betroth them to the twins... Haha, then, half of GK will be ours, we'll get rich in an instant..." Gao Ran joked.

"You're dreaming, Mian didn't say that she wanted a third one... They're just leaving it up to fate, okay?"

"Let's leave it to fate too..." Gao Ran was at the bathroom door and walked back to her.

He stuck himself to Zhu Lingling and caressed her romantically.

"Eh? What are you doing? Hurry up and go shower." Zhu Lingling knew what he wanted but denied it verbally.

"I'll shower later... You have to reward me for all my hard work, now you have to do your share." After speaking, Gao Ran pressed Zhu Lingling down onto the sofa. A romantic aura spread throughout the air.

This night was perfect for the two couples, but not everyone was enjoying themselves.

Lu Yan blew up Ian's Indonesian base with Phantom One and caused mass chaos. Even the Indonesian government was involved.

So, she was listed as the number one enemy by both Ian and the Indonesian government.

It was late at night... She was dressed in a black windbreaker and escaped Qiao Fei's castle with some of her belongings.

-At the Moscow International Airport -

Lu Yan was waiting to board when her shoulder was firmly grasped. Her heart jumped in shock...