Chapter 2396 : Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (7)

2396 Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (7)

"Alright, see? You're confessing before I even interrogate you," Huo Mian pouted and said.

"I didn't finish my sentence, what's your hurry... What I meant was that if you called Gao Ran's number and a woman picked up, it must be Zhu Lingling..." Qin Chu explained.

"Pff..." Huo Mian turned her head, it was clear that her husband set this trap for her.

But her finger was still on Mr. Qin's lips. What was the meaning of that?

Qin Chu opened her mouth and sucked on her porcelain white finger...

A tingly feeling immediately shot throughout her body...

"Hey, what are you doing? Are you a dog?" Huo Mian felt itchy and wanted to pull back her finger, only to find it firmly held between Qin Chu's teeth.

He used the right amount of strength, she felt no pain but couldn't pull her finger back.

Huo Mian wanted to keep protesting, but she found her nightgown being pulled off...

Everything was exposed in an instant...

"Eh, you..." She didn't have the chance to finish her sentence before someone got on top of her...

Ian's departure made Qin Chu let his guard down in an instant.

On a night like this, he only wanted to enjoy the moment with his beloved Mian...

On the other hand, Gao Ran also felt amazing. After discussing the plan with his supervisor, he typed up a detailed report for those big bosses at the provincial government.

When he finished, it was already three in the morning.

When he left his office, he found his subordinates were still hard at work.

"You're all still here?' Gao Ran was stunned.

"Director Gao, if you're still here, how would we dare to leave?" The officers all sucked up to Director Gao.

"Ahem, good. I have an announcement to make. We've caught the perpetrator of the murder case, the case is officially closed. You can all go home now. Thank you for your hard work, dinner is on me tomorrow."

"Ah... Director Gao, you're not lying, right?"

"When have I lied to you?" Gao Ran rolled his eyes at them.

"But, Sir, when did you catch the perpetrator? And where?" The people who had information on Ian were all top-rank officers. Such information was confidential, and the ordinary officers at the office didn't know. Gao Ran didn't plan to let them know either.

"Ah, about that. The perpetrator escaped to another province, and the two provincial police departments cooperated in his arrest. Anyways, that's the end of that. Everyone should rest easy now and go home."

After Gao Ran finished speaking, cheering and applause broke out in the office.

Gao Ran dragged his exhausted body out of the city bureau and drove his black Jaguar home.

Luckily, he lived close by and got home within a few minutes.

When Gao Ran opened the door, he found the bedroom light still on.

He was afraid of disrupting his family's sleep, so he tried to be as silent as possible.

He was just taking off his jacket when Zhu Lingling came out of the bedroom in a pair of blue cotton pajamas.

You're back?"

"You should be asleep, look at the time..." Gao Ran turned to look at Zhu Lingling's eyebags with heartache.

"I was worried, I couldn't fall asleep," Zhu Lingling pouted.

"Where's Boyuan?"

"I drove him to my mom's... It's not that safe lately, I remembered that my parents have their own security guards, and their area is safer. So, I sent Boyuan over there..."

"Ha, you're smart. Why didn't you stay with them? That way, I won't have to worry about you as well."