Chapter 2394 : Lu Yan*s Angryㄛthe Consequence*s Severe (5)

2394 Lu Yan*s Angryㄛthe Consequence*s Severe (5)

"Boss, are you really going to use Phantom One?"

You heard what I said."

"But you know the power of Phantom One... won't you cause a lot of chaos?"

"Why wouldn't I know its power? I am the one who developed it. I'm ordering you to do it, so why are you blabbering...' Lu Yan was furious.


"One more word and you disappear along with Phantom One," Lu Yan commanded.

"Uh... Okay, Boss. I'm on it."

-Five hours later -

Ian was just sitting down in a bar when he heard his subordinate coming in anxiously to report.

"Sir, our Indonesian headquarters were bombed by an unknown party half an hour ago. Our losses are great..."

"What did you say?" Ian's face immediately darkened.

"Our... Our Indonesian headquarters came under attack..." shaking, the subordinate reported.

"What weapon?" Ian suppressed his anger. He had spent three years building up the Indonesian base.

"It was a very powerful bomb. We've never seen it before, it must be a new model... Our forces recovered the shells of the bomb and are analyzing it at this moment. I believe that we'll know the results and the composition very soon..."

After hearing the report, Ian's expression looked uglier.

He was the head of the world's most notorious terrorist organization, and what he did best was create terror. He should be the one bombing others.

However, this time, his base was the one that got blown up. The attackers even used explosives, his signature weapon.. Needless to say, this was a slap in the face for Ian.

All these years, he hired countless explosives experts to create all kinds of bombs.

He always wanted to capture Professor Lu and Lu Yan for their talent...

Wait #Lu Yan?

Thinking of that name made Ian calm down a little.

"It must've been that damned girl... She has to be the one." Although Ian has multiple enemies, there was nobody else who could find his base in Indonesia in such a short period of time as well as use the newest model of explosives.

"We suspect it too... We haven't caught the bomb carrier yet... If we do, we'll get to the bottom of this."

You don't have to speculate. She has to be the one... I let my guard down and she comes running to my door... Haha, it looks like I was too kind to her before..." Ian's eyes glimmered chillingly.

Every time he interacted with Lu Yan, he wanted to capture her alive without harming her physically.

So, Lu Yan escaped every single time. The last time on the plane was the closest he had ever been to capturing her.

He thought he had her for sure, but the disguised Professor Lu rescued her halfway through the mission.

It looked like the father and daughter were tough to deal with...

"Sir, should we put a death order on her head?" Ian's subordinate carefully asked.

"Death order? Oh, no, I don't want her to die yet... After all, she's the only toy I've been interested in as of late... I have to capture her and teach her a lesson, otherwise... It's hard to get rid of my hatred." After speaking, Ian downed his whiskey and left.

The death order was the highest secret order in Ian's organization. Once he announced the order, hundreds of experts within the organization would begin a search around the world using any method imaginable to kill the target.

Sometimes, even human bombs were used... That was the scariest part about terrorists.

It wasn't too extreme to call them anti-humans...

Ian angrily walked out of the bar, his mood to hunt down a beauty was all gone.

"Sir, should we go and find Mr. Huo?"