Chapter 2393 : Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (4)

2393 Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (4)

"Third Young Madam, please calm down. The young master really isn't in Moscow right now..." The butler was stuck in a difficult position.

"Don't fool me with lies meant for toddlers. Tell that psycho that if he doesn't come and see me, I'll blow this place to bits..." Lu Yan had no patience.

Although Psycho Qiao promised to watch over the situation in China, she didn't know where that damned man went. He didn't tell her what was going on or if Ian was still there.

Were her sister and the twins hurt?

She felt like she would go insane from boredom if she stayed in Moscow for any longer.

She never liked this castle, the people here rarely smiled and treated each other coldly.

They were also incredibly sexist. Most men were alcoholics that drank at home all day, and their wives were the breadwinners. She thought they were scum.

Fortunately, the Qiao Family was Chinese. Otherwise, Lu Yan would never have anything to do with Qiao Fei.

Young Madam, I'm telling the truth..." Trying to calm Lu Yan, the butler was on the verge of tears.

"Cut the crap, I'm not your Young Madam. Who said I'm going to marry him... You're overrating your family... If you anger me, I'll blow everything up..." Lu Yan was the opposite of Huo Mian, her temper was incredibly fiery.

If there was conflict, her first solution was to blow it up.

Making explosives was a hobby Lu Yan developed in her childhood.

In the years she was separated from her father, she had to develop her own explosives to avoid death.

When she killed her first man, she was overcome with guilt. Now, she wouldn't bat an eye even if she killed hundreds. That required a strong heart...

At that moment, her phone rang. Her phone was incredibly advanced, like her father's.

It was now integrated into her watch, and when she received calls, it would show the other person's holographic image.

Lu Yan calmed her anger and picked up.

Qiao Fei's cold and handsome face immediately popped up. He was wearing a navy blue Russian military uniform.

Yan, don't bully the servants..."

"Bully the servants? The servants are the ones bullying me! They're treating me like a prisoner. Qiao Fei, do you want me to kill you? You're out there having fun, leaving me here in the cold. Moscow's weather is turning me into an ice statue... I don't want to stay here anymore, do you understand?" Lu Yan threw a tantrum.

However, Lu Yan didn't show a hint of anger.

He also didn't reply to Lu Yan's demands. He said, "Your sister is fine, and so are the twins."

"Is that it? What about Ian? Is he still in C City?" Lu Yan was still agitated.

Yes," Qiao Fei replied.

"That's not good, I'll never rest easy as long as he's there..." Hearing that Ian was still there made Lu Yan worried. "Yan, I am in Brazil for business. Wait for me. If you are still worried, we'll go to C City together, okay?"

Qiao Fei only showed his patient side towards Lu Yan. His tone sounded like he was coaxing a child.

He thought that Lu Yan wouldn't comply, however, she changed her usual attitude.

"Okay, I'll make do. Come back as soon as possible."

"Okay." Qiao Fei hung up.

"Young Madam, you see, we weren't lying, right? The young master really isn't in Moscow," The butler looked like he was incredibly wronged by Lu Yan.

"Mhm." Deep in thought, Lu Yan nodded her head.

"Please eat your breakfast, we'll make you a new one."

"Okay, go do your business." Lu Yan waved her hand and went upstairs.

Once in her bedroom, Lu Yan made sure there were no secret recording devices and opened the contact list on her watch.

She secretly dialed a number...

"Boss, what are your orders?" on the other side of the phone, the man respectfully said.

"Get Phantom One from my safe right now and drop it on Ian's HQ in Indonesia."