Chapter 2392 : Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (3)

2392 Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (3)

"Okay, since you're so righteous and courageous, let me analyze the situation for you. Imagine what would happen if Ian died here..." Qin Chu straightened his back and said, "Immediately, Ian's organization will be thrown into a frenzy. They would do anything to avenge him. You know his organization, it's the most notorious terrorist group. Even the FBI can't do anything against them. They train countless human weapons every year, are the most well-known plane hijackers, and even caused the rebellion in Syria in 2009. They did all that, you can't fathom how many explosives they have and how crazed their ideals are. If Ian died here, our city will become the vacation spot for all those terrorists. We'll never live in peace again, and furthermore, they'll harm our country's economy."

Gao Ran licked his dry lips after hearing that, but he couldn't argue a single word.

He knew that Qin Chu never gave into fear, every word that he spoke was carefully formulated.

"After that comes Ian's family. Ian has a biological brother named Nalo. He's the head of Germany's largest mafia and has connections throughout the world. If he hears of his brother's death, he'll never rest. He won't be happy with killing just you, he'll also hit everyone associated with the murder. Even Lingling and Boyuan... Think about it, do you really want them to live in constant fear of death?"

"I... I obviously don't want that, but isn't there any other way? Are we just going to sit here and die?" Gao Ran was really conflicted.

"Of course not, what I mean is that if we do get rid of Ian, we can't do it here... We can't give away our identities or even clues to them," Qin Chu said.

"That's not easy," agitated, Gao Ran said.

"Obviously not, that's why he's the most fearsome terrorist leader out there..." Qin Chu spoke of Ian calmly.

"So you want me to sit here and do nothing?" After years of being a police officer, this was the first time Gao Ran felt so defeated.

"Don't take it to heart, I'll find a way to make Ian leave as soon as possible. I don't rest easy with him being here either." "Okay, you're right. It looks like our snipers have to stand down..." Gao Ran sighed.

"Bro, keep your spirits up... There's going to be a battle between us and Ian eventually... Trust me." Before Qin Chu left, he patted Gao Ran's shoulder.

When Qin Chu left the city bureau, it was already late into the night.

The twins were sound asleep, and when he entered the master bedroom, he found Huo Mian doing the same.

"You're back?" Hearing the rustling made Huo Mian turn.

"Honey, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. What gifts do you want?" Qin Chu planted a gentle kiss on Huo Mian's forehead. "We've been married for years, what gifts are you talking about..." Huo Mian drowsily replied.

"Okay... Go back to sleep." Qin Chu unbuttoned his shirt and hugged Huo Mian.

-Russia, at a castle outside Moscow -

"Get that bastard Qiao here right now!" Lu Yan flipped the breakfast table and made the porcelain bowls shatter on the floor.