Chapter 2391 : Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (2)

2391 Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (2)

"He isn't afraid of me. He's just afraid of the thing in my hand..." Qin Chu paused as he spoke up to this point.

"What was in your hand that he's afraid of?" Huo Mian didn't understand and looked at Qin Chu in confusion.

"Nothing... I'll tell you bit by bit in the future. Saying more won't help anything. Anyhow, from now on, you must stay with me at all times. I'll ask for a leave for you at the hospital... you can't go anymore because Ian has noticed you. I'm not sure how he found you, but you're not safe anymore."

"Okay, I'll do what you say..." Huo Mian was very obedient and followed Qin Chu's arrangements.

-After the car stopped by South Hill Manor -

"You go back first. I'll meet Gao Ran at the Municipal Public Security Bureau."

"Okay, you be careful as well," Huo Mian told him.

Qin Chu drove to the Municipal Public Security Bureau. When he saw Gao Ran, he found out his eyes were bloodshot.

Before Qin Chu said anything, Gao Ran mocked himself, "I haven't slept in three days. Da*n it... I'm so sleepy..."

"You're not solving the problem without any sleep. Why don't you go to sleep?" Qin Chu looked at him indifferently.

"The key thing is I can't fall asleep at all. These things have been stuck in my mind. By the way, my subordinate found out Ian brought another girl away from a hotel and there's no news of her death yet. I'm not sure if she's still alive."

"She's alive," Qin Chu answered.

"How do you know?" Gan Ran looked at Qin Chu confusingly.

"Because that girl was sent to South Side and Mian performed the surgery for her..."

"Huh?" Gao Ran was extremely surprised.

Qin Chu briefly told Gao Ran about the situation at South Side.

After Gao Ran heard everything, his facial expression became serious.

"F*ck... this bastard is way too cruel. No, I must think of a way..." Gao Ran was anxiously put his arms on his waist as he paced around nervously.

"What do you have in mind?" Qin Chu looked at him calmly.

"I'm thinking of deploying a well-prepared plan and kill Ian," Gao Ran made a gesture of cutting his throat.

"Kill lan?"Qin Chu frowned slightly and didn't think it was a good idea.

"What kind of expression is that?" Gao Ran could tell Qin Chu's disapproval.

"Gao... are you stupid? Didn't I tell you what kind of person Ian is?"

"You did, but I don't care that much now. I don't care if he's the Jade Emperor or Yama (King of Hell). I can't tolerate him killing people in my territory. Chu, he's not killing cows or sheep but people... I understand that if Ian stays here one day longer, there will be innocent citizens dying... and the way they die is extremely brutal. I can't let him continue having his way. If I allocate a dozen snipers, find a bait, then ambush him, how can he survive? Even if he's got three heads and six arms, I will do what it takes for him to die in our hands. He won't have a chance to leave here..." Gao Ran was forced to his limits and was breaking down mentally.

That was why he had the idea of going against Ian...

"Not mentioning if you can successfully ambush him, have you thought of the consequences even if you kill Ian?" Qin Chu looked at Gao Ran imperturbably and asked.

"I haven't thought about that. I'll kill him first. Being overly cautious is not my style of dealing with things. I've had enough of chickening like a sissy. Even if I die, I'll have to fight against him..." Gao Ran was ready to risk everything and didn't care about anything.