Chapter 2390 : Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (1)

2390 Lu Yan*s Angry, the Consequence*s Severe (1)

"Darling... that's my patient. A patient that I barely brought back to life just now... It's someone's life and I can't leave her..." Huo Mian had been working at South Side for a long time and had already internalized the doctor's obligation and mission. Hence, she was really scared that Ian would kill that girl.

"Mian, if Ian wants to kill her, it's already too late for you to go back... Even if you return, can you stop him? Is he a normal criminal? That's Ian... a man that even Gao Ran and his elite subordinates can't handle and a man who tamed Huo Siqian like a dog. He's a devil and a terrorist who's not afraid of dying. This is not a game nor a movie... do you understand?" Qin Chu hadn't talked to Huo Mian loudly for a long time. He lost some control of his temper and slightly scared Huo Mian.

"Darling... you... are yelling at me?" Huo Mian's eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Qin Chu with sadness.

Qin Chu parked the car on the side and sighed.

He had some regrets about his attitude earlier. Raising his hand and putting it on Huo Mian's, he explained slowly, "Honey, I didn't mean to yell at you, but you were too selfish at that instant. I know you're a doctor and taking care of a patient's safety is your nature. But before that, you're also a wife to me and a mom of two kids. If you were to rush over and something happened to you because you disregarded your safety, what would Little Bean, Pudding and I do? Have you thought about that?"

Huo Mian had nothing to say to answer Qin Chu_s questions.

"Can I make a call to the hospital? I want to find out how the girl's doing at least," Huo Mian quietly said.

"Sure..." Qin Chu gave in.

Huo Mian took out her cell phone and called the hospital's switchboard number.

After asking thoroughly, she set her mind at ease...

"It's good that he didn't kill that girl. That girl's fine and he seemed to have left the hospital already..." Huo Mian Let out a sigh of relief.

"Killing people is a game to Ian. Anybody can be a part of his game. Killing that girl or not completely depends on his mood and nobody has any way of stopping him..." Qin Chu tried to tell Huo Mian about the stakes at hand of the situation.

Huo Mian lowered her head and said nothing, but Qin Chu knew from her expression that she definitely thought he was exaggerating about Ian and making him sound like a legend...

Qin Chu restrained his temper and raised his hand to touch her cheek.

"Honey... Do you think the man, whom even Lu Yan is afraid of, would be an ordinary person?"

This sentence reminded Huo Mian, and she suddenly realized what had happened.

"Right... Yan said that she and dad had been chased by Ian all these years. A guy that Yan has to run away from should be very terrifying, but he seemed okay and didn't look that scary when I just saw him. I also yelled at him and cursed his mother..." Huo Mian said and was slightly proud of herself.

"You're still boasting about this... If I didn't go earlier, do you think you would still be alive and well right now?" Qin Chu got angrier when she mentioned this. If he didn't follow her, how could his stupid wife stand still without a scratch after yelling at Ian?

"So, Honey, are you trying to tell me that the fearless Ian is actually afraid of our Mr. Qin?" Huo Mian laughed and joked with Qin Chu.