Chapter 239: Intervention

Chapter 239: Intervention
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"You know that I never treated you differently because of your family situation."

"But your mom despises me, or why else would Uncle Jing die? If Uncle Jing didn't save me back then, then… I would have been the one to die, and I wouldn't be sitting here today."

"Mian…" It was brutal for Qin Chu to recollect this painful memory.

He already tried his best to make amends, but he knew that was an unerasable nightmare for Huo Mian.

She had been carrying around such a heavy mental baggage for all these years…

However, what could he do? The person who orchestrated this was his mother. Could he kill her? It was impossible.

"Qin Chu, I didn't bring this up on purpose. I just wanted to let you know that at one time, I hated myself for what I was, and I hated Huo Zhenghai for not giving me a reasonable identity back then. Now that I'm older, I won't ever give him the chance to take advantage of me."

"I know."

"I know that you're the only one who understands me, or else, you wouldn't release an announcement that completely aligns with what I was feeling. Sometimes, I don't think that I'm so miserable anymore, because at least there's someone who understands me in this world. He knows what I'm thinking about, he is willing to listen to all the pain I'm going through, he wants to be by my side, and he helps me heal the wounds in my heart."

Huo Mian was usually either distracted or would avoid the sentimental topics that Qin Chu tried to bring up.

However, now that she brought this up herself, Qin Chu didn't know what to do.

"Qin Chu, if I lose everything one day and only have you left, will you still be by my side?"

"Of course."

"Me too, if you lose everything one day, or are no longer the President of GK, or Dr. Qin the miraculous neurosurgeon, or the dreamy Qin that's completely invincible, I'm still willing to be with you. If the whole world betrays you, then I will betray the entire world with you, without hesitation."

"So… Miss Huo Mian, are you confessing your love for me?" After all this time listening to her, Qin Chu thought that this girl seemed to be confessing her love today.

"Love my a*s! Eat, I'm starving." Huo Mian changed the subject again at the most sentimental part.

To prevent Qin Chu's enteritis from happening again, she especially told him to eat more wasabi for antibacterial purposes.

The two ate dinner happily, and while they ate, her brother sent a WeChat message saying that he had read the statement, and that he and mother were both very happy.

This problem seemed to be taken care of, as no matter how much trouble Shen Jiani and Huo Yanyan tried to stir up, no one seemed to care.

Even though everyone knew that Huo Mian was the illegitimate daughter of the Huo Family, Huo Mian didn't think it was a scandalous thing.

This all happened over twenty years ago, so if anyone dug it out, it would only be done to cause a short-term sensation.

After this passed, who cared about whose daughter she was? Plus, the statement had already declared that she would never return to the Huo family and would have nothing to do with the Huo family, so naturally, no one would approach her anymore to get anything from her.

It was also safe to say that those little nurses at the recuperation center would no longer chase her around for Huo Siqian's number…

After dinner, the two held hands as they walked out of the restaurant. The wind was heavy at night, so Qin Chu took off his jacket and put it on Huo Mian. He held her hand as they got into the car.

Qin Chu's car was the only Maybach with imperial-tier configuration in the city, and the license plate was also extremely identifiable.

As they waited for the lights at an intersection, Mrs. Qin slightly frowned inside a black Bentley.

"Song, look at that, is that my son's car?"

"Seems like it." The driver looked at the license plate to make sure.

"Why is there a woman in his car? Follow him, let's take a look." Mrs. Qin was suddenly interested; she thought she saw a woman with long hair sitting in the passenger's seat.