Chapter 2389 : So He’s Ian (20)

2389 So He's Ian (20)

"Don't be nervous. I'm sure you'll find that person, so your sweetheart won't be harmed. Isn't that right?" After Ian finished talking, he tapped Huo Siqian's shoulder and left.

Huo Siqian gasped in front of the hospital as he thought over what Ian just told him.

Ian said this proved that he still didn't know Professor Lu's daughter was Mian.

Therefore, he was under the impression that Huo Siqian didn't try hard enough to find or hid her away on purpose. That was why he confirmed Huo Mian was important to Huo Siqian on this trip and used this woman to threaten Huo Siqian.

Even though this was the case, Huo Siqian still got caught in making a difficult decision.

Because Huo Mian would still be in danger if he didn't hand over the person.

Huo Siqian's face was livid when he went back to the Mercedes-Benz car and said nothing.

"Boss... are you alright?" The subordinate drove and observed Huo Siqian through the mirror at the same time.

"I'm fine..." Huo Siqian said nothing, but his voice was trembling.

He was wondering who he should hand over to Ian. If he sought a fake person to fool Ian, Ian could definitely find out.

Ian must have Professor Lu or Lu Yan's hair and if he were to do a match with the DNA, Huo Siqian's plan would be exposed for sure.

Yet, he couldn't bring Mian and hand her over to Ian...

"How to deal with this? What should I do?" Huo Siqian looked outside the window and murmured to himself.

-Inside the black Mercedes-Benz -

Qin Chu and Huo Mian didn't talk as if they had an agreement...

Until the car drove a few kilometers away, Huo Mian tilted her head, saw Qin Chu's gloomy face, and asked slowly, "Darling, I realized just now why you've been acting strange lately. You've also been nervous about me and have to follow me around even when I go for emergencies. It turns out that you are just worried about my safety..."

Qin Chu took a deep breath but didn't talk. He held onto the steering wheel and drove in silence.

"Is that foreigner... a suspect of the recent murder case? If you know he's the one, then Gao Ran must know as well. He must have an influential background because you know the truth but cannot arrest him... A foreigner who's massacring like a psychopath in a foreign country and no one dares to intervene, he must have a terrifying background. You and Huo Siqian both reminded me to be careful. I'm guessing that person is Ian. Am I right?"

The moment Qin Chu held her hand and led her out of the hospital, Huo Mian got many things figured out.

She connected everything that happened recently and inferred reasonably. She concluded that this foreigner's identity was definitely not simple.

A foreigner who Huo Siqian and Qin Chu both had misgivings towards, that person should be Ian without a doubt.

The man who she heard of many times but had never met in person...

"Honey..." Qin Chu seemed like he wanted to say something.

"Tell me if I'm right or not first. Is he Ian?" Huo Mian grabbed Qin Chu's arm and asked.

"Yes, he's Ian." Qin Chu nodded.

Huo Mian's face expression changed after she heard him and yelled instantly, "Honey, park the car on the side..."

"What's the matter?" Qin Chu didn't know what to do when he saw Huo Mian getting anxious.

"If he's Ian, the girl that I just did surgery on must be a victim. Will Ian hurt that girl just like how Xiang Xin and Mo Xue'er died if we leave now? No... I have to go back and take a look..." Huo Mian was about to open the door and got out of the car as she talked.

"Mian... are you crazy? Come back..." Qin Chu was slightly angered and pulled Huo Mian right back in.