Chapter 2388 : So He’s Ian (19)

2388 So He's Ian (19)

"I... really didn't find the orphan..." Huo Siqian said each word with difficulty.

"Ha... that's weird then. Nalo said you're doing well in the country and have great influence, and that you can get away with killing quite a few people. How is it difficult for you to look for a person? Huo, why don't you explain to me the reason behind this?" Ian laughed wildly. Huo Siqian knew it wasn't a good omen.

"Boss... I've been trying to look for the person upon your request, but it was many years ago... I reported that to you already... Professor Lu and his wife hid in Dong Tao Town back in the days. After the kid was born, people from Dong Tao Town started to die without reason. Even Doctor Lan's family, the doctor who delivered the child, went missing for years. The database was burned into ashes, and there's no way to start the investigation. It's not like I'm not helping you. It is indeed challenging," Huo Siqian had already thought of excuses regarding this matter. Even if Ian questioned him in person, he would still say the same.

"If you told me this before, I wouldn't doubt you at all. But now... Huo, you have become more unpredictable..." Ian looked at Huo Siqian in the eyes and said.

"If Boss doesn't trust me, you can go to Dong Tao Town and see for yourself..." Huo Siqian lowered his head.

"If I have time to go to that small deserted town, why would I ask you to do it?" Obviously, Ian was furious.

Huo Siqian didn't dare to talk back...

"Huo, I know about what happened back then. Even though my brother saved your life, you aren't grateful to him. Am I right?" Suddenly, Ian mentioned what happened years ago and startled Huo Siqian...

"Boss, I..."

"It's because you hate him. You think he could've saved you earlier instead of waiting until everything happened and then saving you. It was too late already. You even thought my brother gloated over a show."

"Boss, I don't think that way. I always remember that Master Nalo is the savior of my life." Huo Siqian tried to calm himself down and tried not to expose himself.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. Even if that's true, it's nothing. What you think is correct. That's what Nalo meant... But you're lucky that he still saved you. If I were there, I wouldn't have saved you at all. You would've been destroyed by those black guys on the spot..."

Huo Siqian's face became pale when Ian mentioned the mess that happened years ago.

That was the past he never wanted to mention and the nightmare he never wanted to reminiscent in his life, but Ian had to say it like it was a joke, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

"So... it's normal if you're not willing to serve our family. I can understand... That's why I'm switching to a different approach..." Ian smiled and leaned close towards Huo Siqian's ear. "I'll give you a month from now. After a month, bring that person along to meet me in Indonesia... Or else... your most beloved sister, Doctor Huo. Oh, no, I should call her Mian, or Mian Mian#she'll become my new toy. What do you think of this method?"

Huo Siqian's eyes widened out of astonishment and he couldn't speak after hearing Ian's words.