Chapter 2387 : So He’s Ian (18)

2387 So He's Ian (18)

In this world, no one dared to talk to him like this other than that little chick, Lu Yan.

His brother Nalo didn't dare, and neither did Huo Siqian.

This woman not only scolded him unabashedly but also condemned his mother...

Huo Mian wasn't sure if it was because of the recent murder case, she didn't have a good impression towards foreign guys.

Besides, she felt irritated tonight. That was why she overreacted and swore.

"Dr. Huo... I'll be very depressed that you treat me this way..." Ian looked at Huo Mian slowly.

"So what?"

"I think I can always..." Before Ian finished talking, a sound broke into the silence between them.

"Honey, are you all done?" Qin Chu stood there not far away. He leaned against the wall of the hallway with a black lighter in his right hand. Mr. Qin's black blazer and his outfit made him look like eye candy. He looked way better than any celebrity, superstar and "fresh meat" (TL: general saying for young and good looking guys).

Huo Mian was delighted when she saw Qin Chu.

"Yeah, all done... just finished the surgery."

"What are you waiting for? Let's go home..." After Qin Chu finished talking, he strode over and held Huo Mian's hand in his.

"Uhm." Huo Mian felt secure and more confident with Qin Chu's presence.

The couple held hands and walked away right in front of Ian...

Qin Chu didn't even look at the foreign guy on the side as if he didn't see him at all.

Ian just looked at their figures from behind until they walked far.

"Boss, why didn't you order us to take them down?" Two subordinates emerged out of nowhere.

"Dumbass... this woman's husband isn't that simple..."

"Didn't we investigate him before? He's just an ordinary entrepreneur. Something unusual about him... Is it because his uncle is Mr. Qin, the CEO of the famous GK Empire?"

"No, nothing to do with that... I am actually interested in the lighter that he held in his hand," Ian was a person with an extremely sophisticated mind. He glanced at the black lighter in Qin Chu's hand when Qin Chu walked over and saw a print of the red skull on top of it. That was why he didn't dare to act rashly.

"Is there something wrong with the lighter? Is that a trigger of an explosive? Could there be a bomb in the hospital?" Ian's subordinate guessed.

__No, that print#looks like a symbol of the Doomsday Reaper",

"Doomsday Reaper? How is that possible? Isn't that..." the subordinate didn't continue talking.

"I'll investigate this in detail. After all, I don't want any mistakes to happen..." After Ian finished talking, he turned around and walked out.

Huo Siqian arrived right after Qin Chu and Huo Mian left the hospital.

His employees were observing Ian's actions. Huo Siqian was utterly terrified when he heard that Ian went to the South Side.

He drove to South Side without hesitation because he was afraid that Ian would do something to Huo Mian...

"Boss..." Huo Siqian suppressed his inner panic and rushed to Ian.

"Are you worried as well? That I would... do something to your sweetheart?" Ian laughed.

"Boss, that little sister of mine#is merely a normal doctor. She doesn*t know anything. Please take my loyalty towards you into account and don't harm her... I only have her left in my family," Huo Siqian chickened out sincerely for the first time. It wasn't because he was afraid of Ian but because he was fearful of Huo Mian getting harmed.

"Huo, I've known you for many years, and it's rare to see you speak so gently. It seems like that woman is significant to you. But I'm curious... if you're loyal to me, why can't you find the person that I asked you to, after all these years?"

Huo Siqian felt guilty again when Ian interrogated him...

"So you really can't find that orphan from the Lu family, or you found that kid but don't want to tell me?" Ian leaned close to Huo Siqian's nose as he looked into his eyes and questioned him.

2388 So He's Ian (19)

"I... really didn't find the orphan..." Huo Siqian said each word with difficulty.

"Ha... that's weird then. Nalo said you're doing well in the country and have great influence, and that you can get away with killing quite a few people. How is it difficult for you to look for a person? Huo, why don't you explain to me the reason behind this?" Ian laughed wildly. Huo Siqian knew it wasn't a good omen.

"Boss... I've been trying to look for the person upon your request, but it was many years ago... I reported that to you already... Professor Lu and his wife hid in Dong Tao Town back in the days. After the kid was born, people from Dong Tao Town started to die without reason. Even Doctor Lan's family, the doctor who delivered the child, went missing for years. The database was burned into ashes, and there's no way to start the investigation. It's not like I'm not helping you. It is indeed challenging," Huo Siqian had already thought of excuses regarding this matter. Even if Ian questioned him in person, he would still say the same.

"If you told me this before, I wouldn't doubt you at all. But now... Huo, you have become more unpredictable..." Ian looked at Huo Siqian in the eyes and said.

"If Boss doesn't trust me, you can go to Dong Tao Town and see for yourself..." Huo Siqian lowered his head.

"If I have time to go to that small deserted town, why would I ask you to do it?" Obviously, Ian was furious.

Huo Siqian didn't dare to talk back...

"Huo, I know about what happened back then. Even though my brother saved your life, you aren't grateful to him. Am I right?" Suddenly, Ian mentioned what happened years ago and startled Huo Siqian...

"Boss, I..."

"It's because you hate him. You think he could've saved you earlier instead of waiting until everything happened and then saving you. It was too late already. You even thought my brother gloated over a show."

"Boss, I don't think that way. I always remember that Master Nalo is the savior of my life." Huo Siqian tried to calm himself down and tried not to expose himself.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. Even if that's true, it's nothing. What you think is correct. That's what Nalo meant... But you're lucky that he still saved you. If I were there, I wouldn't have saved you at all. You would've been destroyed by those black guys on the spot..."

Huo Siqian's face became pale when Ian mentioned the mess that happened years ago.

That was the past he never wanted to mention and the nightmare he never wanted to reminiscent in his life, but Ian had to say it like it was a joke, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

"So... it's normal if you're not willing to serve our family. I can understand... That's why I'm switching to a different approach..." Ian smiled and leaned close towards Huo Siqian's ear. "I'll give you a month from now. After a month, bring that person along to meet me in Indonesia... Or else... your most beloved sister, Doctor Huo. Oh, no, I should call her Mian, or Mian Mian#she'll become my new toy. What do you think of this method?"

Huo Siqian's eyes widened out of astonishment and he couldn't speak after hearing Ian's words.