Chapter 2385 : So He’s Ian (16)

2385 So He's Ian (16)

"Yeah, I sometimes do suspect that they're not my real parents..." Little Bean pouted and everyone laughed.

Just then, Su Yu got a WeChat message from Huo Mian, saying, "Can you send the twins back to South Hill Manor after dinner? Thanks."

Su Yu sighed and showed this message to everyone. "Doctor Huo has given orders. Let's stop the fuss and continue eating."

Everyone thought it was weird why Qin Chu insisted on going with Huo Mian back to the hospital as it was normal for Huo Mian to get urgent calls from the hospital.

"Don't you guys think Qin Chu is especially worried about Huo Mian recently? He drives her to work, picks her up from work, and basically goes with her everywhere..." Jiang Xiaowei said.

"I can understand why. It's still dangerous out there. The victims of the murders have all been female and the psycho killer is still out there. My husband told me not to go out at night if I don't have to. Just in case..."

They're always so lovey-dovey. I don't know what they'll do to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow..." Tang Chuan said.

"Oh, tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Mr. Wei, did you get my present?" Jiang Xiaowei looked over at her husband.

"Don't worry. How many years have we been married and of all those years, did I forget even once?" Wei Liao said confidently.

"Ugh... my husband's still at the Municipal Public Security Bureau. He probably forgot that tomorrow's Valentine's Day. I don't think I'll get any good surprises from him. I just hope there are no bad surprises..." Zhu Lingling pouted.

"Ning, we're going to be on the airplane on Valentine's day. Why don't we book a first-class suite with a soft bed? We might even get some action..." Tang Chuan looked over at Qin Ning with a dirty smile on his face.

"Go away... You'd wish..." Qin Ning immediately blushed.

"Ah... What are you thinking? I just meant we could lie down, listen to music, and watch movies with red wine. It'd be very romantic..." Tang Chuan explained.

Little Bean finally couldn't take it and said, "Can you couples stop showing off? Can you take our Handsome Su's feelings into consideration? He's single. Can you not shove it in his face?"

"Uh..." Su Yu looked up with innocent eyes. For a second, he was speechless.

"Yu, why don't I introduce you to some girl and you can celebrate Valentine's Day with her?" Tang Chuan winked at Su Yu.

"Thank you but no thank you... I can celebrate myself. I also have a meeting tomorrow. I'll probably be busy the whole day. These holidays are just another ordinary day to me..." Su Yu said slowly.

"Yu, since you have so much free time tomorrow, you can go sell flowers during the day and sell condoms at night. You can also start selling contraceptives next time..." Tang Chuan teased.

"Shut up. There's kids here..." Qin Ning pinched Tang Chuan on the cheek as a reminder.

"Don't worry. Go on. I understand what you're saying..." Little Bean looked up at Tang Chuan and said in a serious tone.

Tang Chuan looked down at Little Bean and they looked at each other in the eye for three seconds. He then put his hands together and bowed, "Master, please accept my worship."

Tang Chuan's buffoonery actions made everyone laugh...

Su Yu, however, didn't look that happy. He looked down and drank his beer as if he was worried about something important.

He was still thinking about what had just happened. If that group of foreigners he saw on the streets were really the murderers, then another innocent girl would die tonight.

At South Side Recuperation Center, Huo Mian quickly sanitized, changed, and charged into the surgery room.

"What's the situation?"

"Deputy Director, it's terrifying. Someone seemed to have intentionally opened this girl up from the stomach. Have a look yourself..." the assistant nurse said.

Huo Mian put on her gloves and walked over. When she saw the patient, her expression sank.