Chapter 236: Face Slap

Chapter 236: Face Slap
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"Ah, your taste has worsened significantly lately, that sister of mine isn't even good looking. Her face is so plain."

"I've had too many flamboyant women, they get boring. Right now, plain is more fitting for my taste," Su Yu retorted.

"Fine then, since you're interested, then go for it. If you can become my brother-in-law that'd be great too." Huo Siqian laughed.

After hanging up, Su Yu played with his phone, his mind turning at a fast pace…

Based on what he knew, the force behind Huo Mian wasn't something to be overlooked, but was it Huo Siqian?

On the surface, Huo Mian and Huo Siqian didn't seem to be close, but Su Yu felt that their sibling relationship was a bit weird.

Maybe, because of the civil war within the Huo Family, Huo Siqian had always been helping Huo Mian?

After hanging up, Su Yu sent Huo Siqian a text after remembering something.

"Give me Huo Mian's WeChat number."

"Isn't she your nurse? Why don't you get it yourself?"

"Are you dumb, if I could get it myself, why would I need to ask you?" Su Yu rolled his eyes at his phone in anger.

"I don't have it either, I only have her phone number."

"Isn't her WeChat number her cell phone number?" Su Yu became curious.


Seeing Huo Siqian's reply, Su Yu was completely dumbfounded. Okay, not linking her WeChat ID to her phone number was a twisted idea that did fit Huo Mian's style.

He picked up his phone and dialed a number, "I don't care what you do, get me Huo Mian's WeChat number in 3 minutes."

As expected, three minutes later, he received a message on his phone.

On it was a series of numbers, which Su Yu searched on WeChat and found that it was indeed Huo Mian, whose profile picture was a photo from when she was young.

It seemed to be from many years ago, as she wore a white t-shirt and had a high ponytail.

"Such a dumb look." Su Yu smiled, and then he added her as a friend.

After a long time, he still wasn't accepted, so he began to feel agitated. He added her again, writing, Su Yu.

He was directly rejected this time. Huo Mian replied, "I don't know you well."

Su Yu was so angry and speechless. This was the first time he had sent a woman a friend request, and it must be noted that most women see having him as a friend on Wechat as an honor that could be bragged about.

"Huo Mian, just you wait," he threatened.

On the other end, Huo Mian was about to sleep when she glanced at the message, and she mumbled to herself, "He crazy."

- The next morning -

When Huo Mian woke up, things took another turn; apparently Huo Siqian's adoptive mother had agreed to an interview.

Her words in the interview were a slap on Shen Jiani's face. She claimed that she did not agree for Shen Jiani to move into the Huo Family, nor did she admit to a bad relationship between her and Huo Zhenghai. She even directly criticized that some people would do anything to climb up.

Shen Jiani didn't think that Jiang Hong would stand in direct opposition to her, and she ran to cry to Huo Zhenghai about it in the hospital.

Although Huo Zhenghai sympathized with his mistress, he was too scared of the Jiang Family's power to blame Jiang Hong.

He could only convince Shen Jiani not to escalate the situation any further and make peace instead.

Neither Huo Mian nor her mother made a statement during all this, so not long after, the attention around them died down.

A few nurses at the hospital tried to gain information about Huo Siqian's private life through her, but she acted as if she didn't know anything.

When taking care of the old grandpa in room 2, she would also give Su Yu his medicine, very unwillingly.

She didn't want to tend to that prissy-pants prince.

"Huo Mian, why won't you add my WeChat?" Su Yu took one look at Huo Mian as she walked in, threw off his covers, and jumped up to ask.

"What law in China states that I have to add your WeChat?"

Huo Mian didn't bother raising her head. She headed directly to place the medicine on the tray, and poured him a glass of warm water.

"Take your medicine."

"Add me, and I'll take it." Mr. Su's temper started flaring up again.

"I don't actually care, it's not like you're taking medicine for my sake."

Clearly, this method wasn't working, and Su Yu was so angry that his teeth started aching…

"Huo Mian, last night I called Huo Siqian, and we talked about your situation."

As expected, the moment Huo Mian heard Huo Siqian's name, she paused in her steps.

Seeing that he had her attention, Su Yu pretended that there was something profound going on and stated, "Huo Siqian… seems to treat you differently than a little sister."

After hearing that, Huo Mian's facial expression changed...