Chapter 2321 : Arrival of the Devil (2)

Rick still didn't respond, but his expression was a little unnatural.

"Haha, was I right?" Xixi suddenly asked, and Rick slowly nodded.

"My gosh, you don't know how to skate! I had no idea!" Xixi exclaimed as if she discovered a continent.

"You sound so surprised, why do I have to know how to skate?" Rick asked proudly.

"This is perfect, I can teach you how to skate then!"

"No, I refuse," Rick directly declined.

"I don't care, I have to teach you# Come on, call me Professor!" Xixi demanded.

Rick: "#"

"Ow, my gunshot wound is hurting again#" Xixi suddenly bent down and covered her chest with her hand.

Upon seeing this, Rick immediately ran up to her and helped her up. "Xixi, is everything okay? Where does it hurt?"

To his surprise, however, Xixi quickly pulled Rick by the hands and sped onto the ice with him# they were gliding so fast that Rick's face turned pale#

"Don't be scared and hold me tight. I won't let you fall," Xixi consoled Rick as she skated gracefully on the ice. The two of them made a couple of laps around the rink. That feeling was like they were flying.

Xixi smiled brightly. "Are you having fun?"

"It's alright..." Rick was slowly getting used to the speed and wasn't as scared anymore.

"Don't be scared, it's fun! It's like racing, you get to enjoy that fast and furious moment, it's an amazing feeling!"

Rick didn't respond; he looked at a smiling Xixi and felt satisfaction rise up in his chest. At this moment, he finally understood how Qin Chu felt, and why Qin Chu always smiled so lovingly at Huo Mian.

Love was feeling happiness and sadness with her.

Su Yu came home two days later and went to Imperial Star to give out orders as soon as he got off the plane. It was already dark when he arrived at his family mansion.

Mrs. Su had called him earlier and told him to come home for dinner, and he thought that his parents and grandpa really missed him.

However, he was surprised by what he saw when he walked through the door. There were so many people at his house! Huo Mian was there with the twins, and Huo Mian's mom was also there, chatting with Su Yu's mom.

"I'm home#" Su Yu opened the door and walked in, and the twins immediately came running over, latching onto Su Yu's legs, one on each.

"Handsome Su, I missed you!" Pudding said.

"Handsome Su, I missed you to death!" Little Bean immediately chimed in.

"Why are you two little brats here?" Su Yu asked in pleasant surprise.

"We told Grandma Su not to tell you anything when she called you, we wanted to give you a surprise!" Little Bean laughed.

"Where do you get all your ideas from#" Su Yu lovingly pinched Little Bean's face, and then he gently rubbed Pudding's head. Then, he looked up to see Huo Mian, who was talking to Mrs. Su just now. "You're here too?"


"Where's Qin Chu?" Su Yu asked.

"He's still at work, but he will be here soon#"

"Oh." Su Yu nodded.

"Handsome Su, did you have fun on your business trip this time?" Little Bean asked.

"I guess# I didn't really get to do anything, and he spent most of my time sitting in conferences at the hotel."

"Then# did you bring us anything?" Little Bean asked with no shame.

"Little Bean, how could you directly ask Handsome Su that? It's not good manners," Pudding lectured.

"How else am I supposed to ask this question?" Little Bean looked at her sister, feeling wronged.

"You should ask, Handsome Su, you definitely brought us something, right?'" Pudding responded, breaking out in laughter.

"It's the same!" Little Bean refuted.

"No it isn't, my question was indirect but yours was#" Pudding argued back.

"Stop it, girls! You're just trying to ask me if I bought you presents, right?" Su Yu bent down with a smile and looked at the twins dotingly.

"Su Yu, you shouldn't spoil them like that, you didn't have to get them gifts." Huo Mian felt embarrassed.

"How's this? You guys guess what I bought. If you guess right, it's yours, but if you guess wrong, you don't get anything. What do you think?" Su Yu decided to give the twins a mystery to solve.