Chapter 2320 : Arrival of the Devil (1)

"In your dreams! Who said I was going to kiss you!" Qin Ning shyly pushed Tang Chuan's face away.

"I won't let you leave if you don't kiss me#" Tang Chuan wasn't an idiot. When Qin Ning offered to drink in lieu of him today, he realized that this woman indeed had feelings for him.

"You#" Qin Ning was both amused and angry at Tang Chuan's behavior, but she couldn't do anything about it.

"Miss, could you please kiss him? I also want to end work early and go home#" the driver, whose eyes were closed, asked desperately.

Upon hearing this, Qin Ning burst out in laughter. Then, after a super quick peck on Tang Chuan's lips, she got out of the car and rang away#

"Huh, that's it?" Tang Chuan obviously wanted more than a peck, but Qin Ning had already left.

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao's heads were stirring when they got home. The pair drank the most tonight since they had that competition with Tang Chuan.

"Honey, how's your head? Do you want me to run a bath for you?"

"Yes please." Jiang Xiaowei nodded.

Then, Wei Liao took off his clothes, picked Jiang Xiaowei up, and headed towards the bathroom#

However, they bumped into Wei Yunchu by the door.

"Yunchu, is everything okay? Why are you still awake?" Wei Liao asked, surprised to see his son.

"Are you guys going to give me a brother or sister?" Wei Yunchu asked in all seriousness.

Wei Liao: "#"

Jiang Xiaowei: "#"

Wei Liao's face turned red. "Who did you hear this nonsense from?"

"Don't try to trick me# I know what you want to do, you're not even wearing clothes# you and Mommy want to give me a sibling, don't you?" Although Wei Yunchu wasn't as 'mature' as Pudding and Little Bean, he still knew a thing or two about this stuff.

"Ahem# Yunchu, it's not what you think#" Jiang Xiaowei wasn't sure how to explain things to him, but the latter had no intention of letting them go into the bathroom.

He stood outside the door for a while before finally taking something out of his pocket and stuffing it in Wei Liao's hand. "Be careful, Dad."

Then, he turned around to leave.

When Wei Liao saw what as in his hand, he became absolutely speechless. "Um#"

"Honey, what did he give you?" Curious, Jiang Xiaowei glanced at Wei Liao.

The latter showed his hand. "Take a look at it for yourself, I'm not sure what to say#"

Upon seeing what it was, Jiang Xiaowei froze as well. Her son knew what condoms were used for already?

"How# old is our son? He's too young to know this stuff, no?" Jiang Xiaowei asked with her mouth gaping.

"I guess he learned this stuff from the twins? Pudding and Little Bean were always more mature," Wei Liao guessed.

The only couple that wasn't drunk tonight was Rick and Xixi. Chen Jie and Ni Yang, who had low tolerances to begin with, crawled into bed as soon as they got home.

Rick and Xixi, however, went skating in the middle of the night. The latter was excited from the alcohol and suggested that they go skating, and Rick couldn't say 'no' to her, so they ended up going to an ice rink and woke up the security guard.

They were the only ones on the rink, but it didn't feel lonely at all. 

The slow and light music sounded especially good in the quiet night.

"Come here#" Xixi skated to the middle of the rink and gestured at Rick.

"No," Rick immediately refused.

"Why?" Xixi pouted, but Rick didn't respond.

"Don't tell me# you don't know how to skate! Hahaha!" Xixi suddenly remembered and asked with a smile.