Chapter 2319: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (20)

"A lot, actually. I'm sure Pudding and Little Bean will fill you in on all the gossip tomorrow."

"Haha, too bad I couldn't be there."

"It's okay, we'll have hundreds of chances to have parties like this in the future," Huo Mian chuckled.

"We will."

"Su Yu…"


"Don't… think too much into it…" Huo Mian said slowly.

"Into what?" Su Yu asked, not sure what she was talking about.

"The rumor on Weibo…"

"Oh, that! Ha, don't worry, I won't. Rumors that I'm gay aren't new, I'm used to it. They can say whatever they want to, but I know that I'm not."

"Mhm, don't listen to rumors and gossip, they're not good for you."

"I know." Su Yu nodded.

"How are things going over there?"

"Good. I'll be home in a couple of days."

"Okay then, take care of yourself."


"I'm going to bed now…" Huo Mian ended their conversation.

"Okay, good night, sleep tight…" Su Yu looked at Huo Mian with endless love and tenderness, to which the latter subconsciously avoided. She was scared by the way he looked at her. With a nod, she said, "Good night."

Then, Huo Mian quietly placed Pudding's phone by her bedside, kissed her goodnight, and went back to her own bedroom.

Mr. Qin was already under the covers; Huo Mian thought that he was exhausted and fell asleep, so she quickly changed into her pajamas and carefully crawled in.

However, as soon as she did, Mr. Qin rolled on top of her…

"What are you doing? You scared me… I thought you were asleep," Huo Mian exclaimed.

"I was waiting for you." Mr. Qin's voice was a little coarse as he looked at his wife with desire.

"A-are you naked?" It wasn't until Huo Mian touched him did she noticed that he had gone completely commando. She blinked several times. "Honey, is it the alcohol?"

"You can think of it that way…" Then, Mr. Qin leaned down and kissed Huo Mian's long eyelashes.

Qin Ning and Tang Chuan were sitting inside the latter's car, which was parked outside South Hill Manor. However, Qin Ning didn't seem to want to leave…

"How much longer are we going to sit here for? I have other jobs to take…" The designated driver Zhu Lingling called for them was going crazy.

"Here, take the money and leave… you're in my way anyways," Tang Chuan responded, whipping out a couple of hundred yuan and handing it to the driver.

"Money's not the problem, I can't go anywhere without a car… Taxis don't come here," the driver said, on the verge of tears.

"Uh, Tang Chuan… you should get the driver to take you home… I'm going to go now," Qin Ning looked down shyly and said.

"But I still want to spend time with you, I don't want to go home…" Tang Chuan said, unwilling to let her go.

Upon hearing this, Qin Ning's face flushed redder than it already was.

Only then did the driver understand what was going on – he had bumped into a new couple who was still in their honeymoon phase, as sticky as glue.

"But it's late, my uncle and the others will worry if I don't go home…" Qin Ning was a little more rational that Tang Chuan.

"Kiss me then, and I'll let you off…" Tang Chuan demanded, but Qin Ning shook her head shyly. "There's someone here!"

"You, close your eyes." Tang Chuan pointed at the driver.

Designated driver: "…"

"Okay, you can kiss me now…" Tang Chuan happy closed his eyes and moved his face towards Qin Ning.