Chapter 2318: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (19)

"Honey, you can't do that, I should be able to play whatever I want. Are you trying to cheat?" Gao Ran felt like crying; he was so tired.

"Honey, let's not count the round just now, can we play best out of five?" Zhu Lingling laughed.

"Let's not, Honey, because if you lose again we're going to be playing best out of six, seven, and infinity… I don't think there will be an end to this. I'll just clean up the mess…" Gao Ran decided to admit defeat, and he turned around to clean up their living room.

Upon hearing this, Zhu Lingling picked Gao Boyuan up, as happy as could be. "I'll give our son a bath then. Thanks, Honey!"

After leaving Gao Ran's place, everyone else headed home.

- Inside a black Bentley -

"Daddy, why didn't Auntie come home with us?" Pudding asked.

"She took Tang Chuan's car," Qin Chu replied.

"Oh my god, so she's not coming home tonight? She's having a sleepover?" Little Bean's mind immediately began to play 19+ material.

"What's going on in that tiny, dirty head of yours?" Huo Mian asked, giving Little Bean a pinch on the face.

"Haha, nothing, I was just worried about Auntie."

"Also, I have a bone to pick with you… no more pranking Boyuan again, you scared him really badly today." Huo Mian suddenly remembered the incident from earlier today.

"But I played with him all night to mend his psychological wounds," Little Bean argued.

"Right, you also ate all the snacks at his place…" Pudding added, "Before we left, you also kissed Boyuan, gosh…"

Little Bean was speechless.

"Um, I was expressing our comradery, don't overthink it, okay sis?" Little Bean continued her denial.

Huo Mian placed a hand on her forehead. "Qin Mumu, don't tell other people you're from our family… we don't know you."

"Little Bean, you need to be more careful in the future, you can't just do whatever you want to." Even Qin Chu lectured her.

"Did you hear Daddy? Be careful next time, Little Bean," Pudding tried to lecture her sis as well.

"Why are the three of you attacking me at the same time? Are you jealous of my natural beauty?" Little Bean pouted; her cute cheeks plumped up, and Qin Chu's heart immediately melted.

"Anyways, enough with the gossip. Let's go to bed as soon as we get home, okay?"

After they got home, Qin Chu led the twins upstairs while Huo Mian had a brief conversation with Mrs. Qin. Then, she went upstairs and sang the twins a lullaby. Just as she was about to leave the room, Pudding's phone began to ring.

It was actually a video call from Su Yu… he probably thought that they were still at Gao Ran's.

Huo Mian picked up without thinking. With a smile, she asked. "Young Master Su, how can I help you?"

The startled Su Yu immediately grabbed a jacket and placed it over his chest. He was at a hotel and had just taken a shower, so he was wearing nothing but a bathrobe. He called to ask how the twins' night was, but to his surprise, Huo Mian picked up, leaving him extremely embarrassed.

"What are you getting so worked up about? It's not like you're naked," Huo Mian teased him on purpose.

"Why did you pick up? I remember I called Pudding's phone," Su Yu laughed.

"Yeah, she's asleep. We just got home."

"So soon? I thought you were going to party all night."

"Dude, we're not in our early twenties anymore, we were all super tired and sleepy… plus, everyone had a lot to drink."

"Did anything fun happen?" Su Yu asked.