Chapter 2316: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (17)

"She will for sure… Ning-Ning has amazing tolerance," Rick commented calmly.

"Ning-Ning? Wow, how close are you guys to call her by that name, did you have a crush on her or something? After all, you guys were both in the States and your families are super close… aren't they?" Xixi pretended to be jealous to tease Rick; she wanted to see Rick defend himself.

"Um, Ning-Ning is Qin Chu's cousin. I met her while Chu was living in the States, and she's like a sister to me. What's going on in that head of yours?" Rick explained, feeling speechless.

"Haha, I was playing with you… I wanted to see how you'd react to my jealousy," Xixi laughed.

Rick: "…"

Qin Ning then picked up shot glass after shot glass, drinking everything that was inside. Tang Chuan, feeling bad, kept advising her, "Ning-Ning, it's fine if we lose, don't drink too much. I don't have to be the God of Alcohol…"

However, Qin Ning completely ignored him. By the time that she had reached her eighth shot glass, everyone's expressions changed.

"Qin Chu's sister is really ascending into heavens!" Gao Ran exclaimed.

"Crap, Honey, we lost, sorry that I failed you…" Wei Liao hugged Jiang Xiaowei, his hands grazing past her thighs.

Jiang Xiaowei laughed as she stroked Wei Liao's face. "It's okay, it was just a game… but you're going to have to pay for the 5 bottles of million-yuan wine…"

"Honey, can we not bet with such a heavy wager next time? I might go bankrupt if you keep on doing it," Wei Liao pouted.

"Haha, if we do you can sell your body to pay for your son and my expenses," Jiang Xiaowei joked.

"Who's going to want to buy my body though? I'm not that good looking… But hey, Mr. Qin can think about doing that if his family goes bankrupt." Wei Liao smiled as he pointed at Qin Chu.

"Hey, don't pull my hubby into your dirty prostitution fantasy, alright!" Huo Mian refuted with a laugh.

"Wait, I'm giving your husband a compliment!" Wei Liao added.

"How is that a compliment? But don't worry, if our family really goes bankrupt, we'll just open up a clinic or something… selling his body won't make as much," Huo Mian said proudly.

"Totally forgot, you guys still have such strong survival skills…" Wei Liao gave Huo Mian a thumbs up.

By now, Qin Ning had finished all ten shots, but she still seemed completely fine, with no sign of wanting to puke.

"Oh my god, nice job, Ning-Ning!" Zhu Lingling clapped.

"Ning-Ning, are you alright?" Tang Chuan immediately walked up to her, and Qin Ning smiled as she wiped off the corners of her mouth. "I'm fine."

"Honey, we lost, now we owe them wine," Jiang Xiaowei said coyishly as she leaned against Wei Liao's chest.

"Okay, we admit defeat. But Young Master Tang, my wife didn't lose to you, she lost to Ning-Ning…"

"Right, right, your wife lost to my wife." Tang Chuan chuckled, and this time, Qin Ning actually didn't call him out for calling her his 'wife'.

"Tang Chuan, my throat is super dry, I want water," Qin Ning commanded, and Tang Chuan immediately passed her a glass of water.

"Tang Little Chuan, my shoulders hurt, I want a massage."

"On it, Young Madam!" Tang Chuan immediately began massaging Qin Ning's back, catering to her every need.

"Young Master Tang is a poor bloke in love," Wei Liao laughed.

"Congrats, Mr. Qin, you've got yourself an obedient brother-in-law," Gao Ran chimed in.

"Why don't we call it a night? We all drank a lot, we should get some rest," Huo Mian suggested.

"Come on, we're having fun, why don't I treat you guys all to karaoke?" Tang Chuan asked.