Chapter 2314: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (15)

"Your wife has really high tolerance…" Rick was shocked as he said to Wei Liao.

Even Ni Yang clapped. "Sister Wei-Wei sure can drink a lot!"

"Sh!t, is she going to drink our Young Master Tang to the ground?" Gao Ran exclaimed as well, not at all worried about how things were going to turn out.

"Tang Chuan, do you want another drink?" Jiang Xiaowei smiled.

The truth was, there was no way Tang Chuan could down six more drinks, because just now he already felt like throwing up. However, just as he was about to admit defeat to Jiang Xiaowei, Qin Ning shot up from her seat.

"Sister Wei-Wei, can I drink for him?" Qin Ning said, feeling a little shy.

"Look at that, Tang Chuan's family member is stepping up," Zhu Lingling teased.

"Xiaowei has a family member as well. Honey, don't worry, your husband is here and at the ready." Wei Liao smiled as he put his arm around Jiang Xiaowei's waist.

"Honey you're the best, let me give you a kiss…" As tipsy as Jiang Xiaowei was, she reached out and, with her hands on Wei Liao's face, planted a wet kiss on his forehead.

Not far from them, Pudding licked at her ice cream cone as she glanced over at Wei Yunchu. "Your parents are flaunting their love…"

"I know…" Wei Yunchu said, as calm as could be.

"So, what do you think?" Pudding joked on purpose with Wei Yunchu.

"They're super drunk." Right now, Wei Yunchu was super worried about his parents. He had never seen his parents drink so much growing up, especially his mother, the psychologist.

So why was she trying to dub herself the Queen of alcohol?

Upon hearing this, Pudding couldn't help but chuckle.

"Ning-Ning… I'm not dreaming, right? Are you really going to drink for me?" Tang Chuan asked, surprised and happy by this turn of events.

"I just didn't want you to die from alcohol poisoning…" Qin Ning refused to admit her feelings for Tang Chuan.

"Haha… Our Ning-Ning is the best. Xiaowei… can my family member drink for me?" Tang Chuan looked proudly at Jiang Xiaowei, who smiled. "Sure, why not?"

So, Qin Ning looked down, clenched her jaw, and took six shots in a row. The truth was, her tolerance wasn't bad, she rarely drank in the states but still had the powerful genes of the Qin Family.

So, Qin Ning's bold performance left everyone impressed.

On the other side of the table, Huo Mian put her arms around Qin Chu. "Honey, look, Qin Ning's bringing out the big guns."

"Her tolerance has always been good, sometimes when she feels like it, she would drink white liquor with my dad and uncle," Qin Chu replied, extremely calm.

"Well, she hid it really well… and it seems like she and Tang Chuan are doing well together." Huo Mian smiled.

"My god, Ning-Ning, don't drink too much… you could've just had three shots." Tang Chuan was surprised by Qin Ning's ability to down all that alcohol.

"I'm fine… I'm probably better than you are." Qin Ning glanced over at Tang Chuan as she wiped the corners of her mouth.

At that moment, Tang Chuan was filled with admiration for the woman in front of him. "Honey, you're amazing…"

"Screw you, I'm not your honey…"

"So you're still sober? Haha… I give it a couple more drinks," Tang Chuan chuckled.

Ni Yang, Chen Jie, Rick, and Xixi watched as an amazing competition unfolded before them.

The war that started off between Jiang Xiaowei and Tang Chuan, but now it was between Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao, and Tang Chuan and Qin Ning.