Chapter 2313: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (14)

"I personally like to drink sodas. But then my mom said that it's not good to drink too much, since it will create a lack of calcium in my body. So usually she makes me drink more milk," Gao Boyuan answered seriously. 

"Ah… okay then give me a bottle of milk," Little Bean ordered. 

"Sure thing, let me go get it for you." Gao Boyuan ran over to the fridge. 

But he was too short to reach the milk on top of the fridge. 

He immediately asked for help, "Daddy, come over…" 

"What is it?" Gao Ran was having so much fun drinking that he was a little impatient when he heard his son calling. 

"Give me two bottles of milk."

Gao Ran stood up and walked over to open the fridge, taking four bottles out. 

"Little scrub, don't just pay attention to you and your 'wife'. Remember your 'sister-in-law'…" said Gao Ran jokingly while pointing at Pudding. 

Gao Boyuan blushed and took the four bottles of milk. He first handed two over to Pudding and Wei Yunchu. 

Then with the two remaining bottles, he brought them to the room to share with Little Bean. 

Just one drinking game made everyone buzzed. 

That was why everything that followed happened… 

Looking at the first couple, Huo Mian was holding onto Qin Chu's neck like a koala. 

"Honey, tell me, am I pretty?"

"Of course," Mr. Qin looked at his wife lovingly. 

"Then am I prettier or are you?" Huo Mian was being silly. 

"You are prettier. Much prettier than me," Mr. Qin said assuredly from the bottom of his heart. There was a saying that goes 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. 

"Then am I prettier, or are Pudding and Little Bean?" Huo Mian continued to compare herself with her own daughters. 

"You're prettier. You are the prettiest in the world," Mr. Qin said. 

"Hahaha, Bro, are you the magic mirror?" Qin Ning laughed on the side while covering her mouth. 

"Honey, if you always talk like this, I'll be really happy." After getting compliments from Mr. Qin, Huo Mian's face turned a little red. 

This couple was considered an inexplicit type. Though buzzed from drinking, they still had clear minds. 

Over to the second group, Jiang Xiaowei lifted her sleeves and started playing drinking games with Tang Chuan. 

"Come on, let's battle!" Jiang Xiaowei was holding a full glass, but quickly finished it all in one sip. 

This was already the third glass. 

Just now, Tang Chuan swore that he was going to compete at drinking with Jiang Xiaowei for the title of "Drinking King/Queen". 

Since Jiang Xiaowei was female, for each glass that she drank, Tang Chuan would drink two. 

But what was unexpected was that Jiang Xiaowei drank three in a row. 

Which means, what Tang Chuan was facing would be drinking six glasses in a row. 

"Yo dude, are you okay? Young Master Tang, if you're nervous, just admit that you lost to your sis-in-law. If your attitude is good, you don't have to drink. Just admit defeat," said Wei Liao with a toothpick in his mouth. 

"What a joke. You've known me for so many years, when have you ever seen me nervous? Not even to mention that today my girl is here too. As a man, I can't lose face like this." 

"Who's your girl, you rogue." Qin Ning didn't drink that much so she was sober enough to argue with Tang Chuan. 

Tang Chuan didn't hesitate and immediately drank six in a row.

With these six glasses of wine down in his stomach, Tang Chuan actually started to feel dizzy. 

After all, he had drank a lot already and now with this volume of alcohol, it was actually unbearable. 

He thought this was coming to an end. 

But what he didn't expect was that after Jiang Xiaowei saw him finishing all his glasses, she poured another glass for herself. 

Afterward, she drank three glasses again in a row. 

Everyone present was stunned and speechless. 

"Weiwei, good job! You are more of a tomboy than me!" Zhu Lingling gave her a round of applause.