Chapter 2312: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (13)

"I agree with you. I didn't expect them to actually have so much fun. Especially my mommy, this is my first time seeing her like this," said Wei Yunchu, his hands holding his chin as he looked at Jiang Xiaowei who was laughing like a little kid. It was so hard for him to believe that this was his mom who was usually super serious and calm. 

"Which tells us… even though adults look older in age, behavior-wise they are still little kids. The relationship between parents and kids has always been hard to deal with and full of disagreements. It's all because both sides are not mature. Kids are young, so it's fine for them to be na?ve. But when parents act like little kids, behaving immaturely, then that is unacceptable."

"Your logic is really… really crazy. It's my first time hearing this," remarked Wei Yunchu while looking at Pudding admiringly. 

Then Pudding's phone started ringing. 

"Handsome Uncle Su…" Pudding showed a sweet smile after picking up the video call. 

"I just landed, Pudding." 

"So fast? Is it cold there?"

"Not really, the temperature here is just perfect. What are you doing now?" Su Yu looked at Pudding dotingly. 

"I'm chatting with Wei Yunchu now."

"Where is Little Bean?"

"She's munching on some food with Gao Boyuan," answered Pudding while pointing to the other corner in the room. 

"Eh… then maybe you should remind Gao Boyuan that if he keeps hanging out with Little Bean, he will definitely get as fat as a pig one day," Su Yu joked. 

"Hahaha, Uncle Su you are really funny," Wei Yunchu was laughing on the side.

"I'm not going to remind. Even if I do, it's useless. Little Bean always uses her beauty to trick Gao Boyuan. You know it…" Afterwards, Pudding even winked at Su Yu and showed him the look of "you got it".

Su Yu laughed out loud then asked, "What about them? Still not done drinking?"

"Not yet, and I think the main event is just starting. Let me show you," said Pudding as she turned the camera towards the living room. 

Su Yu saw through the camera that everyone over there had drunk to their heart's content. 

Tang Chuan had taken off all of his clothes except for an undershirt. Jiang Xiaowei and Huo Mian were hugging each other, both with red cheeks and seeming to be exchanging gossip. 

Zhu Lingling was lying on Gao Ran's shoulder with her hair loose and teasing her husband. 

Qin Chu was comparatively good, as he was sitting aside and focusing on his company's feeds on his phone. 

Even Ni Yang and Chen Jie, who were usually pretty low profile, started to kiss in front of others. 

"Oh my god, they are pretty hammered!" Su Yu exclaimed. 

"Yup, they are so high right now that they'll probably fly into the sky to be friends with the sun," Pudding added. 

"What a pity that I can't attend this gathering. I really want to see them drunk," Su Yu laughed. 

"It's okay, I will secretly record some videos for you later," Pudding whispered. 

"Okay, I will keep them and use those videos to blackmail them. Haha," Su Yu laughed proudly. 

After Pudding hung up the phone, Wei Yunchu looked at Pudding with jealousy, "You are so nice to Uncle Su." 

"Uncle Su is nice to us too." Pudding didn't think it was a big deal. 

"When you are married in the future, are you going to treat your husband better or Uncle Su?" Wei Yunchu started to have a dilemma again. 

"I'm not going to answer this question, because I'm still too young and don't have a husband yet. So your assumption doesn't stand," Pudding's one line made Wei Yunchun have no idea what to respond. 

Meanwhile, on the other side, Little Bean had almost finished all of Gao Boyuan's yummy snacks, with only empty packages left over.

"Boyuan, I'm a little thirsty," Little Bean said coquettishly.

"There are juices, sodas, milk, and lemon tea. What do you want?" Gao Boyuan asked Little Bean happily. 

"But which one do you like?" Little Bean started to act cute.