Chapter 2310: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (11)

"Then I'll go first since I suggested it. Shall we?" Tang Chuan excitedly volunteered himself. 

"Fine, you can go first. Come on, let's get started." Zhu Lingling couldn't wait. 

Ever since she had given birth to Gao Boyuan, she had been staying at home taking care of her husband and kid, which was starting to bore her.

She hadn't been to a gathering like this where she could just relax in a long time. Especially since it was at her own place, which made the atmosphere even better. 

"All the super rich, please drink."

After Tang Chuan said that, everyone balled their fists and said, "Yes."

"Chuan-Chuan is inviting Chu-Chu for a drink." Tang Chuan was tricky and started off the game by teasing Mr. Qin.

Luckily, Mr. Qin reacted extremely quickly and answered, "Chu-Chu doesn't drink."

"Then please tell me who can drink?" asked Tang Chuan.

"Chuan-Chuan knows how to drink," Qin Chu immediately bounced the question back to Tang Chuan.

Upon hearing him called 'Chu-Chu', Huo Mian was about to cough up her drink.

She had known Mr. Qin for so many years but this was the first time that she heard such an intimate name for him.

"Hahahahaha, the name Chu-Chu isn't bad. It fits Mr. Qin so well." Even Zhu Lingling couldn't stop laughing.

"Hey, Ling-Ling, please be serious and don't get off-topic. Chuan-Chuan doesn't know how to drink."

"Then please tell me who can drink?" responded Qin Chu immediately.

"Ran-Ran knows how to drink." Tang Chuan started to mess around with Gao Ran.

Gao Ran froze for a couple seconds and didn't even realize that he was Ran-Ran.

"Honey, what are you thinking about? It's your turn," said Zhu Lingling with a nudge.

"I… it seems like I'm not used to this new name." Gao Ran looked so confused.

"Hahaha, then drink!" Tang Chuan was laughing too hard.

Gao Ran paused a little, patted his forehead, then grabbed a glass of wine, and finished it all. He did all that in a such a smooth motion that everyone was giving him a round of applause. 

"Ran-Ran, it's your turn now," after Tang Chuan said this, he felt that all of his hair was standing up.

 "Eh… All the super rich, please drink."

"Yes," everyone balled their fists.

"Ran-Ran is inviting Ling-Ling for a drink."

"Ling-Lng knows how to drink." Zhu Lingling was really excited for her turn as she waited for a long time. She wanted to show off so badly, but she messed up by directly saying that she could drink.

"Then you can drink." Gao Ran pushed the wine glass closer to his wife.

"Are you serious? How dare you betray me?" Zhu Lingling pinched Gao Ran.

"But you said yourself that you can drink." Gao Ran didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

"Of course that was a mistake!"

"Sister Ling-Ling, just bottoms up! Show us how a real woman drinks," Tang Chuan encouraged.

Zhu Lingling didn't hesitate at all. She picked up the wine glass and finished it in one go.

Gao Ran whispered, "Why do I have the feeling that tonight, we as a couple will both be wasted."

"Yup, you two are just monkeys' dads – baboons," Wei Liao's unexpected comment made Jiang Xiaowei's stomach hurt from laughing. (TL Note: in Chinese, baboons and wasted sound the same)

"Eh… Alright, all the heroes, please drink!" yelled Zhu Lingling.

Afterward, everyone burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at? Isn't it my turn?" Zhu Lingling looked so confused.

"Lingling, it should be 'All the super rich, please drink' not 'all the heroes' so you are wrong again," Jiang Xiaowei gently corrected.

"Sister Lingling, drink! Drink!" Tang Chuan continued jeering.

Zhu Lingling was speechless.

Without a single word, Zhu Lingling just poured another glass of wine and finished it, without any hesitation.

"All the super riches, please drink." Finally, she didn't make a mistake this time. Gao Ran was so nervous about her that he felt his heart pumping hard.


"Lingling is inviting Wei-Wei for a drink."

"Wei-Wei doesn't know how to drink," Jiang Xiaowei replied quickly.

"Then please tell me who can drink?" Zhu Lingling questioned back.