Chapter 231: Cheating

Chapter 231: Cheating
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Qin Chu was startled, he thought she had woken up but found no movement after a while.

He looked down and found her still deep asleep.

How calm was his wife to be able to sleep when things blew up like this? He sighed and wondered.

For Huo Mian to be sleeping so soundly, she definitely had to be pretty mentally strong.

In the end, Qin Chu laid down beside Huo Mian and wrapped her in his arms like a precious treasure, unwilling to let go for even a second.

"Don't worry, no one can harm you." Qin Chu's voice was soft and raspy, filled with infatuation and love.

As if she sensed something in her dream, Huo Mian buried her face deeper in Qin Chu 's chest.

Qin Chu lifted his arm to untangle and straighten out her hair. He was very gentle, scared to wake her.

The next morning, Qin Chu left early as he had to drive out for an off-site visit.

By the time Huo Mian woke up, Qin Chu was nowhere to be found, but breakfast was prepared and ready.

Sometimes, she felt that they were living together like roommates.

Sometimes, they would go days without seeing each other. How could they enjoy their newly-wed romance when both of them left early in the morning and came home late at night?

She thought to herself as she took a sip of milk and sent a WeChat message to Qin Chu.

"Your whereabouts lately have been strange. Are you cheating on me? Do you have yourself a sugar baby or two?"

Qin Chu's reply came in just as she was putting down her phone. It was an instant reply.

"If I did, what would you do? Would you be mad?" Qin Chu asked back.

Huo Mian couldn't tell his tone through the text, so she couldn't identify if he was kidding or half serious.

"As long as I, the empress, never dies, they will only ever be concubines."

"I thought you would divorce me and let me go," Qin Chu replied to her after a while.

"Is that what you want?" Huo Mian asked carefully, probing for his reactions.

"No, I won't divorce you. Even if the day comes where you no longer love me, I still won't divorce you. I've been captured by one person this whole life, and that person's name is 'Huo Mian'."

Initially, she was just kidding around. Now, Huo Mian didn't know what she should do after hearing such an affectionate confession.

She couldn't help her heart from speeding up like crazy. Her face felt burning, and for a moment, she felt like a teenage girl who was getting asked out for the first time.

"Ha, I'm just kidding! Why would I divorce you, you've invested so much in me. It would be a big loss to get a divorce. Oh right, you've been really busy recently! Did you eat breakfast yet? Don't just worry about me, take care of yourself as well."

Huo Mian quickly changed the subject...

"There's been a complicated case at work, I need to visit the site daily and attend meetings."

"Okay, it's about time for me to go to work too."

Huo Mian went downstairs and drove to work after she finished messaging Qin Chu.

She was careful to avoid the many reporters waiting outside the hospital.

- Inside the nurses' on-call station -

Many nurses crowded around Huo Mian. Out of the crowd, Tingting was closest to Huo Mian, so she asked curiously, "Huo Mian, is what the press saying real? Are you really Huo Zhenghai's daughter? Oh my god, you're a billionaire's daughter then, aren't you??"