Chapter 2306: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (7)

"Yeah, Pudding, finish eating first, so you'll have the strength to do other things." Gao Boyuan was a good kid and the chubbiest out of all four kids. His body was very robust because he was never a picky eater.

Pudding felt depressed and answered quietly, "I don't have an appetite. You three eat first."

Gao Boyuan held his bowl and whispered to Wei Yunchu, "Why don't you persuade your wife?"

After he finished talking, Gao Boyuan thought Wei Yunchu would fall out.

Unexpectedly, his face turned red, and he put a piece of mushroom in Pudding's bowl.

"Auntie Mian said you like to eat mushrooms. This one is delicious. Give it a try." Wei Yunchu looked at Pudding.

"Thank you." Pudding picked up her chopsticks, put a mushroom in her mouth, and continued refreshing Weibo's webpage.

What Tang Chuan said was right. This incident had been spreading on Weibo.

No one knew which damned person took so manyphotos of Su Yu and An secretly.

As a bodyguard, An had to follow Su Yu no matter where they went.

Some people started a topic with these photos and wrote, "Su Yu is a huge pervert and likes his male assistant. Yikes! It's disgusting…"

How could Pudding's temper endure this? Su Yu was an especially sacred figure in her mind.

She replied, "Shut up if you don't know how to talk. You'll spoil your own virtue."

Su Yu was on the plane for three hours due to the business trip, so he didn't turn on the phone and didn't reply to Pudding's WeChat messages.

Su Yu didn't use Weibo on a regular basis. He only used it before because Huo Mian was on it.

Pudding finally saw someone willing to help Su Yu out after refreshing the page for a while.

She was Nie Lingxuan, Xixi's older sister.

She posted on Weibo, "Please don't believe the rumor. Su Yu is our well-respected boss. The employees of Imperial Star will always admire him. Wise people won't believe the rumors. I hope this incident will stop now, or else our company will find out who's accountable for this."

After she posted, many female celebrities followed her steps and voiced for Su Yu as well.

Pudding took her cell phone, walked beside Ni Yang, and said, "Uncle, hurry up and say something for Handsome Su. You are very popular."

"Sure." Ni Yang smiled and patted Pudding's little head.

He took out his cell phone and reposted Nie Lingxuan's Weibo post, adding his own comment as well.

"President Su has always been just and honorable. Please don't make up any rumors, or we won't let you off the hook easily." 

A short sentence was simple yet effective, just like Ni Yang's style.

After he posted, his fans surfaced immediately and spoke for Su Yu.

Pudding still didn't have much of an appetite. Gao Boyuan and Little Bean already finished eating and started playing hide-and-seek.

Pudding still held her cell phone, it seemed like a lot of things were on her mind.

Wei Yunchu was like his father and didn't like to talk much. He didn't know what to say even though he wanted to comfort Pudding.

He took out a lollipop from his bag and walked over after watching her for a while.

"Here, Pudding. Have a candy first."

"I'm not Little Bean. Why are you giving me candy?" Pudding asked with a smile.

"Because you seem to be in a bad mood. My mom said… when you feel sad or sorrowful, eat candy, and your mood will be sweeter. There isn't anything you can't get past in life…" Wei Yunchu thought about the words his mom told him carefully and told them to Pudding.

"It's fine. I was sad seeing those people trash-talking about Handsome Su that way," Pudding pouted her mouth and said angrily.

"Pudding, do you really... like Uncle Su very much?" Wei Yunchu finally plucked up his courage and asked.