Chapter 2305: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (6)

"I didn't take it seriously and thought the rumors would be gone after a few days. Who knew that it would get even more and more ridiculous and even involve An…" Tang Chuan replied.

"Do you guys think Su Yu would actually take things too hard and…" Qin Ning wasn't familiar with Su Yu. All she knew was Su Yu loved Huo Mian for many years and never regretted loving her.

That was why she guessed Su Yu might undergo a transformation in his mind because he could never be with Huo Mian…

Before Huo Mian was able to oppose Qin Ning's words, Qin Chu spoke, "That won't happen no matter what happens to him."

"See, even President Qin, his rival in love, is defending Young Master Su. Can you quit jabbering, Ning? It's Su Yu's reputation…"

"I'll have someone check up on this. Pay attention to the surroundings, everyone," Gao Ran concluded.

"Sure, we'll change the subject because this topic is disgusting. Let's eat." Zhu Lingling got up after she finished speaking to help Huo Mian and Chen Jie put the dishes on the table.

Eventually, the table was full of delicious dishes. There was no room left on the large square eight-seater table.

"Wow! Didn't you say there will be twelve dishes? It seems like there are twenty dishes here," Tang Chuan said gluttonously.

Zhu Lingling replied, "We originally had twelve, but Jie came and she's a better cook than us. She made a few more dishes. You all are in luck to eat some delicious food. Mian said Jie is a good chef."

"I can vouch that her cooking is indeed fairly tasty," Ni Yang laughed and commented.

"You've got nothing to be smug about. Keep it low, understood?" Chen Jie pushed Ni Yang out of embarrassment.

Everybody sat around the table and started eating.

Huo Mian carefully grabbed some food and put it on a small plate with a pair of tongs and put it on the side table.

Pudding, Little Bean, Gao Boyuan, and Wei Yunchu sat around the side table.

"Eat nicely. Don't fight with other people or cause any trouble…" Huo Mian looked at Little Bean worriedly and said.

When she thought back to how Little Bean pranked Gao Boyuan to the point of the latter actually crying, she felt quite guilty.

She didn't even know why a humble and introverted couple like her and Mr. Qin would have a naughty kid like Little Bean. Moreover, Little Bean was a girl too.

"Okay, Mommy, relax," Little Bean answered like an adult.

"As a host, I'll drink a cup of wine to thank everybody for coming. I really like the atmosphere like this, haha. We have to have more gatherings like this." Gao Ran seemed to be in a good mood.

"Drink up, everyone…" Tang Chuan was good at livening the atmosphere up.

People started eating, drinking, and chatting. The atmosphere was very bright and relaxed.

Even Rick, who rarely spoke, laughed when people made jokes from time to time.

"Sis… why aren't you eating?" Little Bean watched Pudding hold her cell phone quietly.

"I'm arguing," Pudding replied without looking up.

"Arguing? With who?" Little Bean was confused.

"With those anti-fans on Weibo. They're so mean and commented on Handsome Su's Weibo about that. Handsome Su will be very sad if he sees it…" Pudding seemed unpleasant.

Little Bean came over and read the comments. Her sister was indeed arguing hard with those anti-fans.

"Sis, how about… I suggest that we eat first. After we finish eating, I'll help you argue with them. How's that?" Little Bean advised.