Chapter 2304: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (5)

"You guys really don't know?" Tang Chuan didn't tell them the rumor and kept them guessing.

Everybody was completely perplexed.

"Uncle Tang, if you don't tell us quick, my mom is going to go nuts," Pudding said indifferently.

Everyone knew that Huo Mian cared a lot about Su Yu. Even though she never loved him, she always was grateful to him for taking care of her and her daughters. She always thought about Su Yu on many occasions. Mr. Qin was slightly jealous of him, but he understood his wife's feelings after all.

"Don't be like that. I can't take Deputy Director Huo's anger. I'll tell you everything. Seeing you all so confused, I can tell that you guys definitely don't know. Here's the story… the community spread the rumor that Su Yu isn't interested in women anymore and likes men instead. It was rumored that he changed his preference now because he had enough women when he was younger. People suspect that he's in a relationship with his assistant, An. Hmm…" Tang Chuan quickly told them everything.

Everybody's reaction was very remarkable.

"Haha, no way! It's unbelievable. It's at the level of the most dramatic TV show this year! My goodness, Su Yu's suspected of being gay now," Zhu Lingling laughed.

"This is a little out of control. Su Yu will probably be mad if he finds out," Gao Ran said.

"He still doesn't know. Who would have the guts to tell him? With his temper, he would probably flip this whole city over. Besides, the people in the circle only dare to talk about it in secret. No one dares to offend him."

Ni Yang: "My coworkers did mention this, but they didn't spread the rumor because they are scared of President Su. The celebrities seem to know as well. I heard many female celebrities want to be his girlfriend and tried to ask him out, but he rejected them all."

"They can't say President Su is gay because of that. My sis also likes President Su and she knitted a scarf for him. President Su also rejected it. Rejection only means he doesn't like her and has nothing to do with his sexual orientation... These people really have nothing to do," Xixi said.

Even she was complaining about the unfairness and defending Su Yu.

Rick passed Xixi a cup of water and whispered, "Don't get agitated. You are still injured."

"This incident happened a few years ago as well. There were also rumors about Young Master Tang, Young Master Su, and I being gay. After I got married, Tang Xiao Chuan messed around, and Young Master Su confessed his love to Huo Mian, the rumors were gone. Why is everything being brought up again?" Wei Liao asked.

"Those people were goofing around. We heard it so many times already," Jiang Xiaowei said.

"It doesn't seem like they're goofing around this time. I even heard that an unknown small publisher that specializes in exposing gossips wants to start off exposing Su Yu's information. Besides, no one can find their location because it's very hidden. They'll change their location once someone tries to track them. They've been spreading rumors on Weibo and it's totally disgusting," Tang Chuan said.

"Weibo? Let me take a look," after Pudding calmly said that, she took out her phone and opened up Weibo to check.

"What do you think, Mian?" Zhu Lingling looked at Huo Mian and asked with a smile.

"Everybody knows that Su Yu isn't gay. There's nothing much to say about this and the smart ones won't buy the rumors. If someone keeps on gossiping, Su Yu won't let them off easily when he comes back," Huo Mian said slowly.

"For sure. With his temper, he will definitely turn the whole world upside down. It's good that he's on a business trip, or who knows how mad he will be?" Tang Chuan exclaimed.

"This has been going around for a few days. Why did you tell us just now?" Wei Liao complained.