Chapter 2303: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (4)

"I see. Forget it. I'll bring it to Sister Pudding. You can have some time to yourself. I'll leave you alone." Gao Boyuan turned around and was about to leave.


"What's the matter?" Gao Boyuan turned his head.

"Are you apologizing sincerely? Do you have sincerity, Gao Boyuan?" Little Bean wasn't impressed.

"Of course I'm being sincere? Why else am I trying so hard to please you? It's not like I have nothing else to do."

"Then you help me open the wrapper for that chocolate," Little Bean whispered.

"Okay." Gao Boyuan took off the chocolate's wrapper with a smile and handed it over.

Little Bean took a bite and nodded out of satisfaction.

"The taste is indeed different."

"If you like it, eat more. I still have a lot at home. By the way, I'll pack some for you when you leave."

"Sure." Little Bean finally smiled.

Pudding looked at them and was very bored. She took out her cell phone and sent a WeChat message to Su Yu.

"Where are you, Handsome Su?" Pudding messaged.

Su Yu: "What's up, Pudding?"

"I'm so done seeing some people showing affection in front of me. Come and play chess with me."

Su Yu: "I'm at the airport, Pudding."

Pudding: "Airport? Why are you there?"

Su Yu: "For a business trip. An overseas company that we partnered with invited me to their annual meeting."

Pudding: "I thought you would come to the gathering today…" All of a sudden, Pudding was very disappointed.

Su Yu: "I knew about the gathering. Your mom told me before, but it was unfortunate that everything is happening at the same time. I'll go if I get a chance next time. There's a lot of gatherings anyway."

Pudding: "Okay, take care and message me when you get there."

Su Yu: "Okay, kiddo. Don't worry about me. You and Little Bean have a good time, eat lots of food, and bully Wei Yunchu and Gao Boyuan."

Pudding: "You don't need to tell me, I'm already on it."

Su Yu: "Haha, nicely done."

After messaging Su Yu through WeChat, Pudding continued watching shows on television.

People began to arrive one after another. The house instantly became bustling.

The Ni Yang and Chen Jie couple bought lots of delicious fruits and snacks for the kids.

Chen Jie was housewifely. She went straight to the kitchen to help out.

Ni Yang sat on the sofa and chatted with Pudding while watching the television.

Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei's family of three arrived next. Wei Yunchu and Gao Boyuan were very good buddies already since they were both boys.

Little Bean also joined the fun. The three kids ran to Gao Boyuan's room and played with all sorts of toy guns.

Rick and Xixi arrived after. They were more low-key compared to others and also bought a lot of fruits and food.

Rick went to see Qin Chu in the study while Xixi also went to the kitchen to wash vegetables.

Tang Chuan and Qin Ning were the last to arrive. They also came very late. It was almost lunchtime when they arrived.

"Mr. Tang is so late. You gotta drink three shots," Wei Liao joked.

"No problem. I'm good with six shots too. Haha, I brought a goal to fight here," Tang Chuan said.

"What goal?" Huo Mian smiled.

"To make you all drunk…" Tang Chuan waved his hand and boasted.

"Wait, it seems like we're missing someone. Where's Young Master Su?" Jiang Xiaowei didn't know that Su Yu wasn't coming and asked out of curiosity.

"Did you tell Su Yu, Mian?" Zhu Lingling remembered that Huo Mian said she notified Su Yu.

"I told him. Su Yu said he had something to do and can't come. I think he went on a business trip," Huo Mian recalled.

Pudding nodded. "I messaged Su Yu through WeChat. He was at the airport and about to go overseas."

"Oh, I see… what a pity. I thought we could have a big reunion this time." Zhu Lingling was slightly disappointed.

"It's good that Young Master Su didn't come. He needs to lay low…" Tang Chuan interrupted the conversation.

"For what? Did Su Yu get into trouble?" Huo Mian looked at Tang Chuan in confusion.

"Don't tell me you guys don't know the rumor about Mr. Su?" Tang Chuan looked at everyone curiously.

"What rumor?" Huo Mian's heart skipped a beat and she asked solemnly.