Chapter 2302: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (3)

"Wei Yunchu is just lucky that he got Pudding? Why am I so unlucky?" Gao Boyuan crossed his arms and said, a bit angry.

Little Bean pouted and said, "Hey, Gao Boyuan, what do you mean by that? If you're so unhappy about our marriage arrangement, then we can switch. You can have Pudding and I'll have Wei Yunchu. Don't say I didn't warn you though, my sister has much crueler methods than me. Don't come crying back to me when you regret it… Hmph… You don't know how lucky you are." Then, Little Bean ran to the balcony and ignored the whole world.

"Oh my… The kids are talking about marriage already. What should us adults do? Gao Boyuan, look what you've done now! Little Bean is mad. Go and cheer her up…" Gao Ran tried to encourage his son.

"Huh? She's the one that caused trouble. Why is it my fault now?" Gao Boyuan said with a wronged expression.

"So Wei Yunchu and I somehow had to get involved in you two's fight?" Pudding quietly stared at them, looking very helpless.

"Fine, fine… Since everything's alright now, let's go back to the kitchen and continue cooking. Ugh, such a waste of my time…" Zhu Lingling pulled Huo Mian back in the kitchen while Gao Ran pulled Qin Chu back to his library to continue their gaming.

Pudding continued to calmly watch TV while eating fruits, as if nothing happened.

Gao Boyuan went back to his room and got changed. Then, he washed his face. When he came out, he saw that Little Bean was still mad at him.

"Pudding, is she still mad?" Gao Boyuan asked Pudding with a low voice.

"What do you think?" Pudding glanced at him.

"What should I do?" Gao Boyuan did not know what to do in such a situation.

"Cheer her up…"

"How do I cheer her up? I don't know how…" Gao Boyuan said with a wronged face.

"Let me give you a hint: Little Bean loves to eat. There." Then, Pudding continued watching TV.

All of a sudden, Gao Boyuan knew what to do. He ran back to his room and opened the drawer where he put all his snacks. He pulled out a bag of Oreos and a chocolate bar. Then, he ran over to Little Bean and said, "Little Bean."

Little Bean pretended like she didn't see him.

"Little Bean, don't be mad at me anymore."

"Go away. I don't need you. Don't you hate me? Didn't you say you liked Pudding more?"

"No, I didn't mean that. I didn't think before I said that. It's like what you did – I was just playing with you."

"When a girl teases a guy, that's called flirting. When a guy teases a girl, that's called bullying. Do you understand?" Little Bean said it like she meant it.

"Huh? There's such a rule?" Gao Boyuan scratched his head; he did not know what to do now.

"Hmph… Before, I just thought you were a bit ugly but was kinda cute. I didn't expect you to be such a jerk. How dare you even compare yourself to Wei Yunchu. You're such a jerk. I hate you. I regret even kissing you. Now my mouth has been contaminated."

Gao Boyuan thought for a bit and then said, "Why don't I give that kiss back to you…"

"What the…" Little Bean was at the brink of bursting.

"Little Bean, don't be mad. Here, have some Oreos…" Gao Boyuan raised his left hand up to hand over the bag of Oreos.

Little Bean glanced at it and said, "You think a bag of stupid crackers can buy me? No way."

"Do you want chocolate then? My mom made it. She made it from scratch and it's very good," Gao Boyuan continued to entice her.

"Chocolate…" Little Bean was getting soft after seeing the food.

"Come and have a bite…" Gao Boyuan continued to entice her.

"Hmph… I don't want it. I'm not such an easy person. Do you think I'll forgive you because of your dumb chocolate? I don't want it!" Little Bean was still holding a tough position.