Chapter 2300: The Gathering of the Ultimate Riches (1)

"We don't need to develop the menu because I already bought a lot of ingredients. We can just improvise as we cook. You can pick whatever ingredients you want. After all, we're all here to just hang out so we don't need to put so much effort into it." Zhu Lingling was a very direct and big-picture person. When she was doing her grocery shopping, she basically just threw random stuff into her shopping cart. Moreover, she bought so much that it seemed like she wanted to bring the supermarket home.

On the contrary, Huo Mian was a perfectionist vertigo.

"You're making it difficult for me…" Huo Mian crossed her hands around her waist and complained.

"Hahaha… It's not that difficult. We still have a lot of time. You can take your time to think. Oh, I'll hand you an apron." Then, Zhu Lingling grabbed an apron embroidered with lace and helped Huo Mian put it on. Suddenly, Huo Mian looked like a female chef.

The two ladies worked hard in the kitchen to try to develop a good lunch menu while Pudding sat in the living room, watching experts talk about the stock market on TV.

"Sis, let's go," Little Bean said with a giggle.

"Where are we going?" Pudding asked with a confused look.

"To where Gao Boyuan is."

"Didn't you hear what Auntie Lingling said? Gao Boyuan's still sleeping."

"That's why he has to go. We need to see him naked!" Little Bean said shamelessly.

"Uhh… you can go yourself." Pudding was even more unwilling to go now.

"What's fun about watching TV? It's just a bunch of so-called experts bullshitting on TV… It's boring! They're worse than listening to Uncle Tang's bullshit." Little Bean seemed to think that what Pudding was watching was boring.

"Everyone has their own preferences. Can you mind your own business? If you want to go play with Gao Boyuan, you can go yourself…" Pudding said slowly.

"Fine then. I'll go myself…"

Then, Little Bean whistled like a female pervert as she headed towards Gao Boyuan's room.

Gao Boyuan didn't have to go to daycare on weekends so he watched a lot of anime last night, causing him to sleep in in the morning.

Zhu Lingling loved her son too much to wake him up so when Pudding went in, Gao Boyuan was still sound asleep in bed.

Gao Boyuan's blanket was covered in yellow minions. It looked very cute.

"Oh my god. He's so childish… Even his blanket has cartoon characters…" Little Bean mumbled.

Then, she walked over to Gao Boyuan's bedside and looked down on him – he was snoring and drooling.

She suddenly pulled his blanket and took a peek inside.

She looked very disappointed and said, "Oh… He's actually wearing so much…"

Gao Boyuan was wearing a thin long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Little Bean's dream of making him embarrassed for being seen naked became all just a dream.

Despite his blanket being pulled, Gao Boyuan didn't seem to notice. Instead, he rolled over and continued to sleep.

A lightbulb seemed to lighten in Little Bean's mind and she started whispering by Gao Boyuan's ears, "Meow…"

Gao Boyuan had no reaction…

"Whoff…" Little Bean started imitating dogs but she still got no reaction from him.

Now, Little Bean did not have patience for this so she slapped Gao Boyuan on the back and quickly leaned down and snuck under his bed.

Gao Boyuan felt like someone hit him so he was scared awake. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked around but saw no one.

He asked himself, "Was I dreaming?"

Then he laid back down and shut his eyes again. Yet someone hit him again.

Gao Boyuan clearly felt the slap so he sat up straight and looked around. He was unable to see anyone.

Three seconds later, Gao Boyuan started crying as he ran out of his room screaming, "Mommy, there's a ghost!" 

The kid thought there were ghosts. He was so terrified that he was almost wetting his pants as he was running out of his room.