Chapter 2299: Su Yu’s Not Gay (10)

Zhu Lingling's family was the only family that did not hire a caretaker. Her family of three was rather comfortable with each other without outside help. Since Gao Boyuan was already old enough for daycare, while Gao Ran had to work, Zhu Lingling was able to take care of her husband and son rather well despite having her own shop.

When they had friends over, their friends would feel very much at home. Zhu Lingling's family lived in a good and safe neighbourhood that was very close to the Municipal Public Security Bureau so their friends would not need to worry if the media was outside stalking them.

Huo Mian's family was the first to arrive in their black Bentley. They slowly drove into Zhu Lingling's neighbourhood.

Since it was a private party, they all dressed pretty casually.

Huo Mian and Qin Chu even wore matching outfits.

Huo Mian had a light yellow jacket with an English letter logo on the front of it. It looked very stylish.

Qin Chu's jacket was dark blue with the same English letter logo. The two also wore matching white limited edition running shoes from a famous brand.

Pudding and Little Bean wore red sportswear with the same English Letter as their parents.

When Zhu Lingling first saw them enter, she exclaimed, "Wow you guys are wearing matching outfits! It's so cool!"

"It's probably your first time seeing Chu in such a casual outfit right?" Huo Mian smiled. 

"Yeah… I see him in suits most of the time…"

"Auntie Lingling, do you think my daddy looks better in suits or casual wear?" Little Bean asked openly. 

"Your daddy is very handsome so even if he dressed like a hobo, he would still be good looking. Hahaha…" Zhu Lingling joked.

"So are you praising my husband?" Huo Mian couldn't help but laugh.

"Of course I'm praising your husband! Don't you know how handsome your husband is?" Zhu Lingling exclaimed.

Just then, Pudding asked with cold humor, "So Auntie Lingling, do you want to swap husbands with my mommy?" 

Zhu Lingling almost choked on her own saliva. 

"Pudding, are you trying to sell your daddy out?" Huo Mian teased.

Qin Chu ignored their meaningless conversation. Instead, he walked to the fridge and got himself a can of coke.

Then, he went to Gao Ran's room, where Gao Ran was actually playing computer games. 

"Oh, you're here…" Gao Ran was in the midst of an intense game so he didn't even turn around to look at Qin Chu.

"So the Director of the Bureau is actually playing online games in bright daylight… Wow…" Qin Chu leaned against the window and teased.

"What about the director? The director is also a human being who shits and eats… This is my private time, you understand?" Then, Gao Ran even dragged Qin Chu into it. "Come. Use my laptop and we can have a battle."

"I'm good," Qin Chu refused directly.

"Why?" Gao Ran said looking confused.

"Cause you suck," Qin Chu said arrogantly.

"What? So you're just openly degrading me now, eh? No way. We have to have a one-on-one now. Hurry up!" Gao Ran did not accept defeat without a fight.

Finally, Qin Chu couldn't decline Gao Ran's ardent invite, so he slowly walked over and turned on Gao Ran's laptop.

The two guys started fighting in the world of online games…

After graduating from high school, Qin Chu rarely played online games but he would still have knowledge of each popular one.

Qin Chu was a genius, so he beat Gao Ran over and over again. Of course, Gao Ran was not willing to accept defeat so he would continuously challenge Qin Chu.

Huo Mian took off her jacket and asked Zhu Lingling, "They're coming in a bit but should we start developing the menu first?"