Chapter 2296: Su Yu’s Not Gay (7)

"Mom, there are a lot of people in the Tang Family, not everyone is like that… you can't draw conclusions based only on one person." Huo Mian seemed to disagree with her mother-in-law and was anxious to defend Tang Chuan's reputation.

"It's still a no. Chu, say something. You are usually very clear-headed… never one to be emotionally charged." Mrs. Qin seemed unconvinced.

She raised her voice and asked for her son's judgment, making Huo Mian speechless.

"What is it, Mom?" Qin Chu looked a bit confused about his mother's request.

"The thing between our Ning-Ning and the boy from the Tang Family, you should stop them right away."

"Why should I stop them? Ning-Ning is old enough. Isn't it a good thing that she's dating?" Qin Chu was very calm.

"Dating is fine but it has to be with the right person. What kind of garbage is the Tang Family? They're nothing but scumbags, changing women faster than changing clothes, Fish begins to stink at the head; their home atmosphere is not good. No, I do not agree."

"Mom..." Huo Mian seemed to want to say more.

"I know that boy often comes to our home as a guest, and it's okay for you to have him as a friend, but marriage is impossible... Son, you should know the boy's character, that kind of behavior is not good. I will talk to your uncle about this and get him to take Ning-Ning back earlier, she can't continue to stay." The Qin's old lady was very bossy when she was young, and she loved to be nosey.

She had also been extremely against the relationship between Qin Chu and Huo Mian at the very beginning, making the two families hostile to each other for many years because of that one event. 

And she had separated Qin Chu from Huo Mian for seven years.

Seeing the old lady showing her bossiness again, to tell the truth, Huo Mian felt very uncomfortable.

She wasn't really against her mother-in-law, nor was she intending to have an opinion on her, she just thought that she was so old that there was inevitably a generational gap between young minds and hers.

"Mom... Leave it alone." Qin Chu clearly didn't agree with his mother's idea.

 "Yes, our kids' mother, we both are old and we should just enjoy our own happiness. Let the kids take care of themselves." Qin Chu's dad also tried to persuade his wife.

"That's not right. I'm worried about Ning-Ning, not someone else. Why are you all against me?" The old lady all of a sudden threw the half-eaten bun on the table, her face darkened.

It was a bit awkward for everyone…

Huo Mian did not dare to say anything at the moment. After all, she was an elder, and quarreling with her on such a trivial topic was not good in the early morning.

So she gave Qin Chu a wink, meaning no more talking.

Qin Chu sighed slightly, and then he looked at the twins eating with relish at the side, and said "Pudding and Little Bean, hurry up and persuade Grandma."

"Daddy's going to use us again..." Pudding said calmly.

"So? Grandma is so angry that everyone is afraid to say anything, can we really?" Little Bean felt a bit helpless.

The two little ones' cuteness amused Qin Chu and Huo Mian could not help laughing.

"If we don't step forward, it's like we're not part of this family..." said Pudding.

Little Bean took a paper towel and wiped the milk off the corners of her mouth, sighing "In this case, we have to try it. After all, Daddy has no way out and that's why he is seeking our help. We have to respect him."

"Yes, Daddy's usually so nice to you. Now Grandma's mad... shouldn't you say something?" Qin Chu looked at the twins tenderly.

"Don't talk me out of it, I'm not eating anymore... I'm angry with you guys." Mrs. Qin was so old, yet she began to act like a child.