Chapter 2294: Su Yu’s Not Gay (5)

Qin Chu was especially attracted to the present Huo Mian, completely makeup-free and in comfortable pajamas, simple as could be.

"I'm sorting out some stuff from the hospital. I didn't finish it during the day..."

"Our Doctor Huo is so hardworking... I guess I'll have Director Wu give you a raise and a promotion." Qin Chu chuckled.

"A raise is fine but maybe not a promotion. I'm already the vice director… If I get another promotion, Director Wu will be kicked out, haha." Huo Mian made a joke too.

"How long will it take for you to finish? Do you want me to help you?" Qin Chu didn't want to see his wife too tired. He put his chin on her shoulder and looked at the jam-packed document.

"No, it's okay… I could have finished this at work but Xiaoxue came… so… I chatted with them for a long time and that delayed my work."

"They? Who else was there besides Wu Xiaoxue? It wasn't Ning Zhiyuan, was it?" Qin Chu frowned.

Huo Mian immediately turned to Qin Chu, rubbing her nose against his cheek.

"What? Someone's jealous?"

"Someone's always jealous… Something this big happened and you didn't tell me about it? Doctor Huo, you're out of control..." Qin Chu made sure to look serious.

"Haha, I've always been out of control… If you don't like it, bite me."

"Oh? As you wish." With that, Qin Chu bit down on Huo Mian's neck.

It wasn't a strong bite, just a gentle gnaw, making Huo Mian blush instantly.

She felt something react in her body…

"Don't… come on, I'm not done yet…"

"It's alright, you keep doing your work. I won't take up your time… I'll keep doing what I'm doing… myself." With that, Master Qin continued attacking her neck passionately.

Huo Mian's pale neck became littered with red marks left by his kisses. 

Huo Mian felt as if there were a lot of feathers, titillating her heartstrings.

"You really are the worst, you know that? How am I supposed to concentrate with you kissing me?" Huo Mian pouted.

"Then… why don't you work with me first, then finish your work later...?" Qin Chu snickered.

"You are really too..." Huo Mian couldn't finish her words because Master Qin gave her no opportunity.

An hour later...

Huo Mian came out in a bathrobe, still weak in the knees.

"You really are too much..." Huo Mian put her hands on her waist.

"Honey, we are husband and wife, this is mandatory. If you didn't say you were too tired, I would've unlocked several more positions for us to try." Master Qin's face was without a trace of embarrassment.

"Unlock… new positions?... How could you say things like this with a straight face?" Huo Mian covered her face with both hands.

"Why can't I say these things to my own wife?" Qin Chu leaned on the headboard, chuckling proudly.

"Mmm-hmm, I'm done messing around with you. I'm going back to work."

Huo Mian grabbed her laptop and continued her work on the daybed.

"Xixi and Rick are back. I had lunch with Rick this afternoon."

"Oh, Xixi called me today. She wanted to have dinner with us but I won't have time for the next few days… So I invited them to the weekend gathering."

"Oh, I see..." Qin Chu touched the tip of his nose.

"What? Do you think it's a bad idea?" Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu.

"Not really. I just don't know if it can wait until the end of the week. Something happened in the U.S. so I think Rick is leaving soon." Qin Chu thought back to the conversation he had with Rick during the day.

"Leave? What about Xixi? What's going to happen to her? They're not going to break up again, right?" Huo Mian was completely taken aback. She knew how difficult it was for them to get back together, with Xixi almost losing her life. If that wasn't enough to keep Rick, what will? Huo Mian really didn't want to see Xixi hurt again.