Chapter 2293: Su Yu’s Not Gay (4)

Qin Ning thought back to the days of her flying back and forth between Los Angeles and New York. Those flights were so frequent she may as well have lived on a plane. She was like Supergirl, taking GK headquarters by the storm.

Her days were made up of various meetings, about new releases or weekly summaries; basically, Qin Ning had gotten used to the boring executive lifestyle and had thought that her life would continue that way.

She even thought about the possibility of marrying a foreigner or one of her father's trusted aides… she would continue on as a powerful female executive.

However, the appearance of Tang Chuan completely upended her old ways.

He came to her like a thug, not shy or reserved, flirtatious and overstepping boundaries in every way.

He was like a street lecher, yet she simply didn't get any negative feelings towards him.

Whether it was him being a nanny, cooking and cleaning for her or doing odd jobs like a bus-boy in the company, she never failed to find him cute.

After returning to their home country, he chose to spend time with her at the hot springs instead of going home to his parents for Chinese New Year.

Every day he would crack jokes and talk gossip to make her laugh, even offering up playful banter and clever quips.

Qin Ning seemed to have grown fond of this new life.

She knew for sure that Tang Chuan, even as an experienced playboy, had fallen for her.

After all, a woman knows whether or not a man was truly in love with her.

Having had read Qin Ning's words, Tang Chuan continued to ask in a joking manner, "So polite?"

Qin Ning: "No, I'm just thankful from the bottom of my heart."

Tang Chuan: "You can't just thank me with words, you have to show me." 

Qin Ning: "You… What do you want?" 

Tang Chuan: "Don't be nervous, President Qin. What I mean is, if you want to thank me, give me a red envelope; anywhere from 5 to 500 yuan. By the way, a red envelope can have up to two hundred yuan… but I don't mind email transfer, haha."

Qin Ning: "…" 

Qin Ning: "The word SHAMELESS suits you best at this moment." 

Tang Chuan: "So, are there any red envelopes for me?"

Tang Chuan continued teasing her and to his surprise, she really sent him a red envelope.

Tang Chuan knew Qin Qing; she would never send 520 (I love you), or 1314 (With you forever).

Sure enough...

Qin Ning used direct transfer, and the transferred amount was shown - 250 (idiot)

Qin Ning: "What? Isn't that what you wanted? You're not accepting it?" 

Tang Chuan: "You are… such a bully, calling me an idiot…>.>" 

Tang Chuan was speechless; this woman really wasn't about to give him a break.

"What, if you don't want it, you can refuse it. It'll save me money!" Qin Ning sent an eye-rolling emoji.

"Psh, of course I want it. A penny is still money… Since it's money… I'll take it. I'll see it as the bride token, haha. Boss Qin, remember to marry me. Don't forget your promise. I already belong to you, after all."

Although it was through their phone screens, Qin Ning's face still ruddied at the sight of Tang Chuan's words.

She smiled shyly…

She replied after a long while, "I'm tired, going to bed."

"Sleep early. Don't eat breakfast at home tomorrow morning. I'm taking you to a cool place…" Tang Chuan said mysteriously.

"What kind of cool place?" Qin Ning was curious.

"Don't ask, little kid, you'll know when you get there… Go to sleep."

The two ended their conversation in happy banter and Qin Ning fell asleep afterward.

In another room, Qin Chu came back to a working Huo Mian.

She sat on the bed, wearing anti-radiation glasses, holding a laptop, handling some sort of document.

"Honey, what are you doing? You look so serious..." Qin Chu walked over and hugged Huo Mian gently, kissing her cheek. He loved Huo Mian's natural scent, one without any cosmetic fragrance. It was all-natural and it was sweet; it was Qin Chu's favorite.