Chapter 2292: Su Yu’s Not Gay (3)

"Don't talk nonsense... and to think I've been so sweet to you two so much. Who's side are you on?" Qin Ning mumbled.

"Ning-Ning... " Mrs. Qin had always been one who cares about family, so she really wanted to know.

Unfortunately, Qin Ning did not give the old lady the opportunity to speak.

"Um... Auntie, I'm a little tired... I'm going upstairs to take a bath first. If you want to ask me something, let's talk tomorrow."

With that, Qin Ning lowered her head and walked upstairs in hurried small steps.

"Haha, Auntie is shy... She still says she's not in love? Who is she kidding? But... Uncle Tang is really efficient, winning her heart so quickly. I thought she would hold out for at least six months... Auntie really has no self-control," Little Bean whined.

 "Uncle Tang really loves Auntie so he must have chased her with everything he's got. Our auntie is still an innocent girl... how could she resist such a hot pursuit?" Pudding calmly analyzed the situation.

 "Yes, that makes sense." Little Bean nodded thoughtfully.

Watching the twins' back-and-forth banter, Mr. and Mrs. Qin were completely dumbfounded.

They almost couldn't keep up.

"Pudding... your auntie is inexperienced. What if she gets tricked? Why don't you tell your daddy?" Mrs. Qin asked, worried.

"Don't worry, Grandma, my daddy has known about this for a long time now."

 "He knows? And he still lets her play around willfully? Her father's been very busy recently, but I don't see Ning-Ning returning to the US anytime soon... " The old lady was really beginning to worry.

"My daddy must have already approved of this relationship. Otherwise, he wouldn't let Auntie mess around either. Grandma and grandpa should stop worrying... Plus, Auntie's father has met the man already... haha," Little Bean interrupted.

Mr. and Mrs. Qin was becoming more and more confused... 

"Don't ask the twins. You better ask Mian and Chu tomorrow morning." The old man proposed not to ask the granddaughters.

After all, how could they rely on the words of a couple of 4 year-olds?

Back in her room, Qin Ning showered immediately and got onto her bed, snuggling into the warm covers.

She picked up her phone and saw Tang Chuan's WeChat message. She didn't know why but it brought her inexplicable joy.

Tang Chuan: "Boss, you asleep?" 

Qin Ning: "Your boss is not sleepy yet."

Tang Chuan: "Not sleepy yet? Then come out for some fun?" 

Qin Ning: "Go away, you want me to die? I can't even feel my own legs right now…" 

Qin Ning rubbed her upper thigh. It had been a long time since she'd enjoyed shopping this much; it really was incredibly fun.

It was also incredibly exhausting... 

Tang Chuan: "Oh, my! Your words are so flirty. People will think that we did something inappropriate. (Laughing emoji)" 

Qin Ning: "Go away... why are perfectly normal words all of a sudden so dirty when it comes out of your mouth? No wonder our Little Bean called you perverted."

Tang Chuan: "You're kidding me right? Little Bean said I'm perverted? Compared to her, I'm nothing more than an innocent little kid, okay? She's the genius here. Wait, how does the saying go? The new waves of the Yangtze river outrun the old, slapping me dead on the sand beach."

Qin Ning: "Yes, you should be slapped dead by the new waves." 

Tang Chuan: "So cruel? If I get slapped dead, the twins will have no uncle."

Qin Ning: "So shameless, who said I was marrying you?" 

Tang Chuan: "It's okay, you'll be mine sooner or later. Haha." 

Although it was a joke, Tang Chuan's words still warmed Qin Ning's heart.

Qin Ning: "Little Chuan?" 

Tang Chuan: "Hm?" 

Qin Ning: "Thank you for taking me to the pedestrian street today. I really had fun. I haven't felt this relaxed in a very long time."