Chapter 2291: Su Yu’s Not Gay (2)

"I haven't yet... " At the mention of this, Qin Chu seemed a little evasive.

"With her IQ, she'll definitely find out... I don't think you're going to keep it under wraps for much longer... It's probably best if you tell her directly."

"This thing... I'll tell her later. I just haven't found the right time yet."

"Then... " Rick wanted to ask something but was cut off by Qin Chu raising his wine glass.

"Cheers... "

Rick couldn't say anything more about the topic. He raised his glass and took a sip.

When Qin Chu arrived home, it was already past 9 PM.

The twins were having a blast with their grandparents in the living room.

"Where's Mian?" Qin Chu asked.

"Daddy really loves his wifey the most... He always looks for his wife when he comes home, never his daughters... " Little Bean was jealous.

Qin Chu laughed dotingly at Little Bean and lifted her up.

"No! Daddy put me down... I'm scared of heights."

"Are you going to keep complaining about your daddy?" Qin Chu teased.

"Haha, I'm joking around... Daddy, don't be so serious. Ahh, Sis, come and save me, Sis!" Qin Chu had Little Bean over his head, frightening her so much that she cried out for Pudding.

Next to them, Pudding was calm as ever. "You only have your big mouth to blame."

After a while of craziness, Qin Chu put Little Bean down and patted Pudding's head.

"My little investing goddess, how much did you make today?

"Not a lot, not even one million yet," Pudding answered calmly.

"... Sis... you need to learn how to be satisfied, okay? Most people won't make that much money their entire lives! You make it in one day... How could you say only a million?"

"Totally incomparable… Maybe people who've seen roses like wildflowers, but those who have seen eagles won't like crows... "

"Hahaha, fine, you win... " Little Bean rocked back and forth, laughing.

"There's a stock market conference next week. I'll bring you with me."

"Really?" Pudding's eyes lit up, clearly excited.

"Of course, Daddy never lies."

"Daddy, I want to go too." Although Little Bean had no interest in investments, she couldn't lose to her sister in spirit.


After his playtime with his daughters, Qin Chu went upstairs.

Mrs. Qin took a sip of her tea and sighed. "Back then, you were worried about Chu's cold temperament. Look at him just now... his eyes are so filled with love looking at the twins."

"That's right... I never thought I'd see the day. Our son's now a loving, doting father. I've really underestimated him." Mr. Qin sighed.

"This is probably all due to Mian. He loves her so naturally, and he loves these kids. If we forced him to marry someone else back then, maybe... we wouldn't be where we're at right now. Thinking back to that... we were really making a huge mistake." Mrs. Qin's voice was filled with guilt.

"Grandma... did you and Grandpa almost separate Mommy and Daddy?" Little Bean interrupted and asked.

"We wanted to, but your daddy didn't give us a chance. He's stubborn as a bull... " Mrs. Qin honestly replied.

"Lucky that he's stubborn... otherwise, where would the two of us little cuties come from?" Little Bean raised her chin.

"Haha, my granddaughter's absolutely right." Little Bean's words sent Mr. and Mrs. Qin into a fit of laughter.

Just then, the door flung open and in came Qin Ning with numerous bags in her hands.

"My god, Auntie, did you go to the flea market? What did you buy?" Little Bean jumped off the couch and ran to the door.

Qin Ning's bags were filled with little goodies from the pedestrian street, some of which were won from the games she and Tang Chuan played.

"Auntie, you're having so much fun. You're staying here and never leaving, aren't you?" Pudding asked, laughing. 

"Little rascal... how long has it been? You're already tired of me?"

"Where's Uncle Tang? Why aren't you inviting him in? Let Grandpa and Grandma meet your future husband. Haha." Little Bean said too much... 

Qin Chu's parents immediately turned their heads toward her, their gazes making her turn red...