Chapter 2289: Qin Ning is in Love (10)

"Little Chuan, you're so going to die... come back here!" Tang Chuan ran away immediately, leaving behind an irate Qin Ning with sticky hands.

Qin Ning shouted at him from the back, entertaining every bystander; they thought that the couple was having a lover's quarrel.

A little girl pointed toward them and said to her mother, "Mommy, look! The older brother and sister are so beautiful! They match so well! I want to find a boyfriend like him when I grow up, okay?"

"Then you will need to work hard to make yourself an outstanding girl... " The mom comforted her daughter as Qin Ning walked past them. 

"What is this kid thinking? How could she see little Chuan as an ideal boyfriend? What a low standard!"

Qin Ning turned around and saw Tang Chuan walking towards her. Just as she was about to go off on him, she saw the steaming bowl in his hands.

"Hurry, give this a taste," Tang Chuan said with a bright smile.

"What is this?" Qin Ning asked curiously, forgetting about their prior incident instantly.

Sometimes, when a foodie was presented with food, nothing else mattered.

"Takoyaki, straight out of the pot! This place is very famous." Tang Chuan looked proud.

Qin Ning picked one up with a toothpick. Just as she was about to eat it, she saw Tang Chuan's red, frozen face.

It was definitely a cruel thing to ask this young master to go outside at night in this winter weather. 

He grew up in cars, hotels, malls, and classy restaurants... 

When had he ever suffered temperatures like these?

"Didn't you say you never come here? How did you know about this place? Are you lying to me?" Qin Ning asked.

"Of course not. I asked my friends on WeChat… They all knew about this area. Some of my bros bring the women they're chasing over here to enjoy the life of regular civilians. Trust me, hurry up and taste this."

"You first... Try it for me... " Qin Ning stuffed one into Tang Chuan's mouth with no warning.

Luckily, Tang Chuan reacted fast enough and opened his mouth immediately.

Actually, Qin Ning wanted him to eat first because she saw how cold he was... but she would never admit to it.

Women in love often didn't say what they meant. Funny enough, it was also a sign that they cared.

"How is it? Does it taste good?" Qin Ning asked.

"It doesn't taste good at all. Give them all to me... haha." Tang Chuan teased.

Just as he was about to steal the Takoyakis away, Qin Ning moved back and stuck one on her toothpick. 

With just one bite, her world became live with happiness... So delicious!

"See? Wasn't I right?" Tang Chuan laughed.

"This is so good! I want more. Get another bowl... " Qin Ning couldn't believe how delicious the food was.

"We should hold off for the next little bit. There are many more treats ahead. You have to save room... "

"Okay then!" Qin Ning nodded in excitement... like a child.

The two of themstood on the street, finishing the Takoyaki with one bite after another. They then continued along the pathway. 

Tang Chuan took the time to snap a picture... 

It was of Qin Ning from the back, wearing a white knitted hat and a black winter coat, cute as could be.

Caption: got a cute pet this New Year, super adorable!

Wei Liao commented: "Where did you buy the pet? I want one too." 

Tang Chuan: "Your wife will kill you if she saw this."

Wei Liao: "Actually, this is his wife, haha."