Chapter 2283: Qin Ning is in Love (4)

"Should we tell Mommy and Daddy? Maybe they can help Auntie assess this new boyfriend or something."

"You're thinking too much, there's no way Daddy and Mommy won't know about something like this. In my opinion, Daddy trusts Mr. Tang, that's why he allows them to be together. Otherwise, if someone bad has ill intentions towards his sister, their legs would get broken," Pudding sounded casual.

"You have a point." Little Bean looked at her sister with admiration.

Pudding's brain worked faster than Little Bean in terms of analyzing situations and critical thinking.

- At South Side Recuperation Centre - 

Chen Jie was away on honeymoon and wasn't back yet.

Huo Mian wasn't used to her new assistant, so she did most of the stuff herself.

"Vice-director, somebody is here to see you."

"Bring them in." Huo Mian was busy checking documents and didn't raise her head.

She heard the sound of her office door opening and soft footsteps.


Hearing a familiar voice made Huo Mian raise her head.

She was immediately filled with surprise and joy...

"Xiaoxue…" Huo Mian immediately rose and shook Wu Xiaoxue's hand. 

"It's been a long time, look at you, you're already the vice director…" Wu Xiaoxue wore a navy coat and looked incredibly graceful.

She seemed completely different, maybe it was because of the time she spent in the United States. 

"Oh, you. Stop teasing me… It's all because of Director Wu… Come, sit."

Huo Mian pulled over a chair for Wu Xiaoxue.

At that time, she finally saw the man behind Wu Xiaoxue. It was Ning Zhiyuan, and he was holding their daughter's hand.

"Happy New Year, Huo Mian." Ning Zhiyuan smiled.

"Happy New Year." Huo Mian nodded and smiled back.

After Ning Zhiyuan went to the states, Huo Mian never heard from him.

The few bits of news about him came from the mouth of Director Wu, and they were all brief.

She heard that the couple opened a clinic for local Chinese-Americans, and they were quite well-known now in the area.

Seeing Ning Zhiyuan made Huo Mian realize how long it had been. 

His appearance didn't change significantly, but his aura felt different.

Ning Zhiyuan was wearing a black wool coat that looked similar to Wu Xiaoxue's. It looked simple and elegant.

He had a Burberry scarf around his neck and silver-rimmed glasses on. He looked scholarly.

His trashy attitude was gone… Needless to say, time and environment can really change a person.

The girl Ning Zhiyuan had was quite tall and looked a lot like him.

Huo Mian immediately knelt down and touched her cheek.

"This must be Xinyue. She's so big already."

"Xinyue, say hi to Auntie Mian," Wu Xiaoxue said.

"Hi, Auntie Mian." The girl's voice was sweet, she was very likable.

"Haha, you are so cute. Xinyue's already so tall, and she's only a year older than Pudding and Little Bean."

"Maybe it's because of the environment. Everyone eats beef and drinks milk. That's why they're healthy. A lot of my friends' kids all developed nicely…" Wu Xiaoxue laughed.

"When did you come back? Why didn't you call me?" Huo Mian enthusiastically looked at Wu Xiaoxue.

"I came back on the twenty-ninth. I spent New Years with my parents and my uncle. His health is declining lately, and we don't want to bother him. Also, Zhiyuan's parents missed the kid… We visited his home after the new years. We just came back. We thought that you'd be at work, so we came to visit you."

"I heard that you had twins, congrats." Ning Zhiyuan looked at Huo Mian gently.